How Do I Choose a Plumber

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Choosing a plumber is an important decision that no one ever thinks about until they have a plumbing emergency. Once someone does realize that they need a plumber, they shouldn’t just choose the first person they find. However, once a plumber that meets all the necessary criteria has been found, the customer is bound to be happy with the job they did.

How Do I Choose a Plumber

If you are in need of a plumber, and you live in the California area, then you can contact Leading Edge Plumbing and Rooter to get a plumber with all the right qualifications. If you do not live in California, then keep reading to learn how to choose a great plumber.

Find a Plumber Who Is Licenced

A license ensures that a plumber is legitimate and has years of experience, furthermore, it is a requirement in most states, meaning that a plumber cannot operate without a license. So, when you are considering a plumber, ask for their license number and then head to the website of your local or state government to verify that it is authentic. For example, in California, you can visit the website for the Department of Consumer Affairs Contractors State Licensing Board to find out the veracity of a plumber’s license.

Get References and Recommendations

Any long-established, high-quality plumber should have a long list of customers which they should be willing to let you use for references. You should ask any prospective plumber about their previous customers and request that they send you their contact information. You can then ask them about the experience that they had with that plumber. Any reluctance to provide references should be seen as a red flag. If anyone you know has recently had any plumbing work done, then you can ask them if they would recommend the plumber that they hired. Those kinds of recommendations are very useful since they come from a known and trusted source.

Make Sure That They Are Insured

All good plumbers should have both workers’ compensation and liability insurance. Both will protect you if they, or one of their workers, get injured while on your property. The injured person will receive the insurance settlement that they need and you will not have to worry that you will be found liable.

Get a Written Estimate Upfront

The plumber should perform a thorough inspection of the plumbing problem at hand so that they can choose a plan of action and provide you with an accurate estimate of what the job will cost. They should be able to give you a fairly accurate estimate of what the parts and labor costs will entail. If there are no unforeseen problems, then the final bill should closely match that estimate. If unexpected problems do crop up, then the plumber should inform you and let you know how it will affect the estimate. You do not want any surprise charges on your bill.

Learn If They Offer a Warranty or Guarantee

A warranty or guarantee ensures that the plumber will fix any problems that may arise if something goes wrong with the job they originally did. You should make sure that you have this warranty or guarantee in writing before they start the job.

Find Out About Their Payment Rates

Different plumbers use different payment rates and it is important that you find out upfront just what that payment rate will be. Some charge using a flat rate while others charge on an hourly basis. An hourly charge may change if the job goes longer than expected, while a flat fee will remain unaltered regardless of the circumstances. Avoid any plumber who asks for full payment upfront.

Find The Right Plumber the First Time

Finding the right plumber the first time around will become faster and easier if you use the various tips and advice found on this page. If you do end up satisfied with the plumber you find, then pass that knowledge along so that others like you will have an easier time finding the plumber they need.

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    My sister has been looking for assistance after discovering that the pipes under her kitchen sinks have been leaking. Thank you for mentioning that it is important to check for licenses when picking a professional because this can guarantee that they are knowledgeable in their field. It would be wiser to hire a professional as opposed to an amateur because it would cost more money and result in more damage. I’ll make sure to let her know about this and look into expert plumbers who could be able to assist her.

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