How to decorate a venue on a budget?

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Choosing a venue can be difficult, although sometimes it may appear as though there is only one option available. However, getting the perfect venue is only part of your battle to create a fantastic event. You also need the right vendors and to decorate the venue properly. It can be tough to get the balance right between too much décor and what you’re trying to achieve.

How to decorate a venue on a budget

The good news is that your décor doesn’t need to break the bank, it is possible to decorate a venue on a budget!

Consider Professional Help

This way seems to go against the budget but, it’s worth checking out a professional wedding decor service. They will have an array of materials and, almost certainly, offer package prices for specific venue details. Speaking to a professional firm will allow you to see the décor, choose it with their assistance, and keep it within budget. They are experts at organizing décor and will be able to help you, whatever your budget.

Choose Your Venue Wisely

A great way to keep the costs down on decorating a venue is to choose your venue wisely. Make sure it is not much bigger than it needs to be, that’s just extra space to be filled. In addition, you should try to pick as gorgeous a venue as possible, this will reduce the need for décor.


Flowers are a surprisingly cost-effective way to decorate any space, you can order them in bulk and create bequests yourself. Or, you can take this a step further and source branches yourself, these can be wrapped in small lights which will help to illuminate your event and create the right ambiance.

How to decorate a venue on a budget - flowers


Candles are another way to light a venue and create ambiance, although you will need to consider the fire risks and whether your venue will allow candles in the building or not.

Ask Friends

If you’re planning a wedding or similar family-based event you can ask your friends to contribute towards the décor. They will almost certainly have décor items left from their own events that you can merge together to create the right look for your event. It sounds like this will be a mismatch of décor solutions, but, it will actually look stunning.

Make It Yourself

There is always the option of making your own décor items, this is definitely the budget option. But, you will need to ensure you have enough time to create all the décor you need, and possibly a few spare pieces, in case of breakages.

Use Signs

All visitors at an event need to know their way around, you can assist them and do your décor by creating fun signs, this will allow you to create a fun feel without having to spend much money.

Use Vendors

If you have spare space at your location then give the problem to someone else. Get vendors, such as old-fashioned ice-cream carts, or sweet shops to fill the space, and they’ll have the chance to make some money selling to the visitors. The best approach is to mix all of the above techniques together, this will create a memorable, well–decorated event which won’t cost a fortune.

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