Your House’s Exterior: How To Improve And Add Value to It

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Curb appeal makes homeowners proud of their investment and attracts more buyers to a house. However, a home’s exterior is the first thing people see at a property. Discover how to improve your home’s exterior and add value to it.

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Fix or Replace the Siding

A home with a faded exterior and damaged siding looks poorly maintained. Fixing or replacing the siding completely with durable vinyl siding instantly improves curb appeal and home value. Professional contractors like Armour Construction can determine whether repairs or replacements are necessary to make the home look and function optimally.

Check the Front Door

A home’s front door often shows signs of wear and tear from constant use. While the homeowners might grow accustomed to its appearance, visitors instantly notice a shoddy front door. Painting, fixing, or replacing the front door immediately makes people want to see more when they arrive at the house.

Examine the Windows

Windows provide a view of the outside world and allow residents to get fresh air during the most pleasant times of the year. However, broken or poorly functioning windows can make a home look less valuable. Replace broken glass and ensure the windows open and close easily to make your home more appealing.

Add Lighting

Poor lighting is one of the biggest reasons people pass a house rather than notice it. Adding outdoor lighting instantly makes a home more noticeable and valuable. Consider adding lights in walkways, driveways, and stairways to make the property safer and more beautiful.

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Consider Landscaping

Simple landscaping adds visual appeal and makes people want to visit a house and see more. As a result, keeping the lawn mowed, trees trimmed, and gardens tidy is crucial to add value to your home. Consider planting seasonal flowers and adding solar lighting for a dramatic look everyone will admire.

Fix the Fencing

Fences are necessary to define property boundaries and provide privacy when people gather in the yard. However, damaged fences make the house look unattractive and can allow pets or children out and pests into the property. Fix or replace the fencing to ensure the home is secure and looks well-maintained.

Maximize Outdoor Living Spaces

Inviting outdoor living spaces add to the usable area of a house, adding value to residents and potential buyers. First, check out all the outdoor living spaces to make them attractive, like cleaning off decks, sweeping patios, and maintaining a pool or hot tub. Then improve the aesthetics with comfortable seating, container gardens, and proper lighting so people want to spend time enjoying these outdoor living areas.

Clean Up Everywhere

When people enjoy their homes, it often includes storing things outdoors like toys and yard tools. While keeping them around the yard might be convenient, it also makes the property look messy. Clean up the area, put items away in a shed or tote, and remove broken toys and tools to improve the yard’s appearance instantly.
A home’s exterior makes people want to see more or detracts from its overall appearance. Fortunately, there are many simple ways to improve a home’s curb appeal quickly and add value to the property. Contact a qualified local contractor today to learn more about how to make a home more functional, beautiful, and appealing to potential buyers.

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