8 House Renovation Ideas to Get Your Home Ready for Summer 

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​​When the sun is shining, one of the first things we think of is BBQ. So let’s get some friends or family over and enjoy the warm weather with some relaxing drinks and great food. If you love to entertain, you likely spend a little time getting your home ready for guests to make it as comfortable as possible. Summer is a great time for some home renovations, letting you complete some improvements around the house to upgrade your property’s enjoyment levels and value!

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To help with your inspiration, our expert handyman tips team has listed some easy renovations you can do during or in time for summer to make the most of the warm weather. Read on for some handy ideas and tips.

8 summer home renovation ideas

Enhance your home with an easy makeover thanks to these quick summer DIY projects that are very affordable:

Idea #1: Enhance the exterior

We sometimes forget about our home’s exterior as we spend most of our time in the interior. However, you’ll be surprised by what a little paint can do. Spend a little time painting the exterior areas of your home for a significant boost in aesthetics and value. Always use warm and inviting colors when painting the exterior. Taupe is a very popular choice for a lot of homes, but feel free to go wild; just consider the interior scheme if you do. This can be very affordable, with easy tools to understand how much it will cost available online.

Idea #2: Improve the landscaping

Lawn beautification is a significant factor when it comes to a home’s visual appeal. A great lawn defines a property’s character and says a lot about how much care you put into your place. Your landscaping is the first impression your visitors (or potential buyers if you are selling) will see. You’ll also probably spend a lot of time on the lawn during summer! Consider creating a walkway and accent it with solar lighting. This will increase the look and function of the space while keeping the running costs at zero.

Idea #3: Give your windows an upgrade

Upgrading your windows can mean increased energy efficiency, a new visual look, and more natural light in the home. So soak up that summer sun! We recommend installing dual-pane windows to lessen street noise and create more efficient results from your air conditioning which will likely get a workout during the hotter months. You can even change the shape of your windows to create a new look; check out the very popular A-Frame Cabin movement for some unique inspiration.

Idea #4: Add or upgrade a security system

Now can be the right time to install or upgrade your security system. This is likely one of those jobs that have been on the to-do list, so let the warm weather motivate you to get it done! Improving your home security can decrease the cost of your home insurance, and you’ll be able to install a system yourself for a low price. Use this as an opportunity to add a little home automation, so you can control the features of your security or other elements of your home with your smartphone.

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Idea #5: Replace the fence

Replace or repair any fences and gates that need it, and help your neighbors out in the process. If you have a damaged, old or outdated fence that has been bothering you, now is the time to give it some attention. If you are planning on building a fence, be sure to consult a building department or the municipal government for the right clearances and proper precautions. This will avoid you having to undo your hard work after the fact if something isn’t up to code.

Idea #6: Tackle those bathroom improvements

Upgrading your bathroom doesn’t need to involve a huge renovation that costs the earth and leaves you without a toilet for months. There are plenty of mini-makeovers that you can do, such as adding a new vanity top, mirror, or faucet. Paint the walls and cabinets to really refresh the look of the bathroom and reinvigorate your space. None of this should cost too much or take more than a weekend to complete!

Idea #7: Easy kitchen revisions

The kitchen is an important area, not only for everyday living but also when entertaining. It becomes the hub of the event, the hangout spot for chatter and snacks. A mini kitchen makeover is easy, and one of our favourite upgrades is rollouts. Rollouts enhance your cabinets and keep kitchenware out of sight while saving storage space in the process. Easy to install, rollouts help you get more out of your cabinets and create a more minimalist looking in your kitchen by taking things off the benchtops. If you are considering a more minimalist look throughout the rest of your home, chuck some unused items or that winter wardrobe in an affordable storage container.

Idea #8: Install ceiling fans

Ceiling fans keep us cool year-round and lower energy costs, and in Summer, the more things keeping the home cool, the better. This upgrade is often overlooked but is an easy task that can be accomplished over the weekend. Here is another thing you may not have realized; ceiling fans have had somewhat of a design evolution and are no longer eyesores! Now, you can find designer pieces that will complement your interior design (all while making your home more energy-efficient). We’re all for creating greener homes and sustainable architecture!

Upgrade your home this summer

The above summer home renovations are small improvements that can be done over a weekend without breaking the bank. Spend a little time making your home a more enjoyable, functional, and comfortable place to be, then pop that apron on and ready the BBQ!

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