Does Your House Need More Space? 4 Top Tips for Adding Space

When it comes to getting organized, 32.9% of people claim they fail due to a lack of available space. This means that a third of people wished they could organize their home, but they need more space to hold all of their belongings.

4 Top Tips for Adding Space in Your Home

If this struggle sounds familiar, then you understand how frustrating it can be. Try these tips to help you create more space in your home so you can be more organized and clutter-free.

  1. Build More Storage

Making more space in your home is about creating storage within your home. This could be adding an armoire, but you’ll need to have space in your room for this additional piece of furniture. Consider adding a cabinet in other rooms, such as the kitchen or living room. If you have stairs, look at creating storage space under them. Finish this space out to create a new closet.

Another option is to look up. If you have high ceilings, you may have additional vertical space that you aren’t using. Consider creating storage up high for items that you don’t use often. Try to create hidden storage places around your home. This could be using bins under your bed, or an ottoman with storage inside, or a coffee table that has hidden drawers.

  1. Change Your Furniture

If you don’t have space to add storage, then you may need to create this space. Take a look at your furniture and get rid of anything that is proportionally too big for your home. Furniture that’s too big will take up too much room, and then you won’t have space for anything else. This could be getting rid of your king-sized bed and getting a queen or twin. Or you could remove your separate twin beds and opt for a bunk bed in the kid’s room.

  1. Streamline Your Storage

If making more room is a struggle, then it’s time to evaluate the use of your current storage areas. Look at your dresser and see if you can create more space by reorganizing your clothes. Using dividers and other organization tools can help you create more space by utilizing your current space better.

4 Top Tips for Adding Space in Your Home - streamline storage

  1. Consider an Addition

If you’ve worked through all of these ideas and you still don’t have enough space, then it’s time to consider creating an addition for your home. You can create an attractive addition or separate shed made from metal. Metal buildings can be constructed quickly and are more affordable than traditional building materials. They’ll also give you a completely new space that you can use to create an organized storage system in your house.

The Need for More Space Solved

Try these tips in your home if you need more space. Start by looking for empty and unused space that you can start using. Then, look for ways to create space for storage. Finally, streamline the storage spaces you’re already using to create more space. If all else fails, then a home addition or separate shed can give you the additional space you need. Browse our many other helpful articles for more handyman tips and tricks.

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