How To Spice Up Your Home’s Look With Plastic Plants

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Plastic plants come in many styles and designs but they all have one thing in common – they can make your home look nicer and more pleasant. They are also less costly to maintain than real plants because they don’t require any watering. You just need to be somewhat of an artist when decorating your home with plastic plants.

How To Spice Up Your Home's Look With Plastic Plants

Here are some ideas you can try out so that plastic plants become the star of the show in your own home.

Choose Your Overall Theme

Before you head off to the store looking for plastic plants, it is important to be certain about the overall theme of your decor. There are so many different kinds of plastic plants that you might literally be overwhelmed by the choices you will find there. Do you want a jungle theme, with tall faux plants hovering in the background and fake vines trailing along their branches? Or do you want to have plastic indoor trees placed carefully in your living room and dining room corners instead? Having a theme will help you narrow down your choice of indoor plastic plants so you can easily transition to an orderly look that is consistent with your style.

Be Choosy When Buying Faux Plants

Plastic plants come with varying degrees of workmanship. Choose only those that look almost as real as living plants. They may be a bit more expensive but in the long run you will be able to make use of them even years down the line.

Buy Real Soil Too

Since you want your plastic plants to seem almost as real as living plants, you could use real soil too. Yes, you won’t be watering them but the real soil will make the theme appear very authentic. You could additionally put some small rocks on the soil, surrounding the base of the plastic plant.

Look For Plastic Plants That Will Not Require Too Much Maintenance

The biggest drawback of using plastic plants in home decoration is that they tend to collect dust. You may have to spritz their leaves with water and wipe off the moisture with a clean piece of cloth on a daily basis. The larger your collection of plastic plants becomes, the more maintenance that will be required. So before you buy any plastic plants, be sure you can keep up with their maintenance so that your decor will look fresh and clean.

How To Spice Up Your Home's Look With Plastic Plants - bathroom

Mix Faux Plants With Indoor Living Plants

One way you can bring your overall theme to life is to choose fake plants and place them indoors along with pots of real plants. The point of doing this is to give your design an added touch that you, your family and visitors will appreciate. It will be quite amusing when the people you bring over for dinner try to guess which plants in your decor are real and which ones are fake.

Plastic Plants And Pets Don’t Mix

If you really want to decorate your home with plastic plants, especially artificial flowers, it makes sense to keep your pets away from the plastic decor. For one thing, many pets have a habit of chewing on plants, whether living or fake – that’s just the way they are. Also, pets might knock over some of your indoor plastic plants, spoiling the overall effect you were aiming for. Pets don’t mean to upset you but there is a good reason for not letting pets into rooms where you plan to put plastic plants. If necessary, put your plastic plants up on a shelf or trailing along the walls where your pets won’t be able to reach them.

Give Away Older Plastic Plants Before Buying More

One thing about plastic plants is that they might get boring after a while – after all, they stay the same day in and day out. This is fine for people who lack the time or inclination to take care of living plants. But if you are tired of seeing the same plants every day, you can ask some of your friends or family members if they’d like to have your older plastic plants for free. If they accept your offer, you will be able to buy more plastic plants that are different from the ones you gave away. You can then embark on a new decor spree and make your home look more attractive and modern.

Final Thoughts

Not everyone will be able to grow living plants successfully at home – such people will be better able to decorate their homes with plastic plants. If you do decorate your home with plastic plants, make sure that the ones you buy will fit the overall theme of the room they are to be placed in. Keep pets away from faux plants so that they can’t chew on the leaves and stems. If you want to buy new plastic plants, just make sure you give away the older plastic plants first so that there is room for new ones in your home.

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