Homeowners Guide To Roof Restoration

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If you are a homeowner, the time may come when you need to restore your roof. But how exactly do you go about it? Many things go into consideration when you are going to do a roof restoration. In this blog post, Liam Carter of Pro Roof Restoration Brisbane www.proroofrestorationbrisbane.com.au explains all things about roof restoration.

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What is a roof restoration?

Roof restoration is essentially giving the patching up of your existing roof. This entails painting over areas on your roof that are old and worn. Replacing broken tiles and cleaning. Your roof will look like new if done right. It can also extend the roof’s life. Terracotta, Cement, and Iron are three main roof materials used.

So when should you restore your roof?

  • Your roof is old- Normally a roof’s life lasts between 12-15 years and when you are approaching that, it is time to restore your roof.
  • Shingles are missing or curling- Because your roof is constantly exposed to the weather, this has an effect on the shingles of your roof and this can cause them damage.
  • Walls and ceilings are becoming discoloured- Water leaks and stains that start to appear on your walls and ceilings mean that the roof is not doing its job.
  • Damaged from high winds- High winds can rip parts of your roof off and throw up debris onto your roof causing damage.

The advantages of roof restoration

  • Far more cost-effective than getting your whole roof.
  • Environmentally friendly because you are re-using parts of your old roof.
  • Extends the life span of your roof.
  • Increases the overall health of your roof.

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How much does a roof restoration cost?

On average you can expect a roof restoration to cost you around $2500. That is based on a regular three-bedroom house in Australia. Companies that do roof restoration work will charge per metre and the size of your roof will largely determine the costs involved. For a small roof, you can expect to be charged between $28 and $40 per square metre and the cost differs from there. A house with a big roof area will set you back around $17 to $22 per square metre but as always do your research when it comes to this.

What does a roof restoration consist of?

A company will have several things that do when restoring your roof. They can sometimes have numerous workers doing different jobs to get your roof looking like new. The services of a roof restoration normally includes:

  • A high-pressure clean of your entire roof area.
  • Re-point/Re-bed ridge gaps.
  • Any tiles that are broken are replaced.
  • Your roof is finished off with a three-coat heat reflective membrane. You can even choose the colour.

How long does a roof restoration take?

Usually, two to three days depending on weather and work volume. However, that is just in general, other factors could change that timeframe.

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How to hire the right company to re-roof your house?

Restoring your roof is something that you want to get right, and you want to get the right people doing it. Things to look for and ask regarding getting the perfect person include:

  • Proper license
  • Do they have the proper insurance?
  • References for previous work
  • Can they provide a written quote?
  • Do they have a warranty on the materials they use?


Should I go with the first company I get a quote from?

No, you should not. Always seek out a few other companies to get a better idea of the pricing. One business might charge a significant amount more than another company.

Will I have to move?

Generally no you shouldn’t have to.

Will the weather impact my re-roofing?

Yes, it will. Warmer weather get it done quicker. However, if it is constantly raining then it can take longer. This is because they will have to cover up any open areas to protect them from rain. Work will not commence until the rain has stopped.


So, there is our homeowners guide to roof restoration. Hopefully, we have given you all the necessary information needed so you can make an informed decision on your roof restoration.

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