4 Home Siding Ideas to Give Your Outdoor Space a Modern Vibe

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The housing market in the US saw the worst during the pandemic, but the recovery has been remarkably rapid. Residential real estate is back on track, with the average home value in the country shooting up from $ 329,000 in 2020 to $ 436,800 in 2023. That’s a whopping increase of 32% within only three years, and things look even better in the future.

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As a seller, you need to understand your local market to get the best value for your property. Let us consider the example of Texas, where the median home value in 2022 was $345,000, $25,000 lower than the national average. However, prices were much higher in cities like San Antonio and Austin, as they are among the top eight cities to live in the US.

The statistics may overwhelm a Texas homeowner looking to sell, but maximizing the value is about making a great first impression. Enhancing the curb appeal is the best way to do it because surveys indicate it can increase the real estate value by 7%. You must think beyond cleaning and painting to enhance your outdoor space. Investing in new siding is an excellent idea to beautify the exterior and get great offers.

Here are a few ways you can use it to give a modern vibe to your outdoor space:

Play with Bold Colors

A new study by Zillow suggests that certain paint colors can get you a better price for your house. Shades of white, tan, and gray are ideal for the exteriors because they are neutral yet offer a sense of security. Since Texas is one of the hottest states in the country, light colors make sense. At the same time, it has vibrant people who love to play with color. If you check your options in home siding in San Antonio, you may find most designs combining lighter hues with bright colors. You can mix a few colors to get the attention your property deserves. Applying two similar tones gives a sense of height. You can use the darker tone on the bottom and pick the lighter tone for the upper floors.

Use Alternating Widths

Another tip to enhance your home exteriors with creative siding designs is by using alternating widths. Siding need not be of the same size if you want to create a unique appearance for your outdoor space. The common widths available are 4, 5, 6, and 7 inches, though you may also look for custom sizes according to your needs. A thoughtful blend of narrow and broad panels applied horizontally or vertically can create an eye-catching look. But remember to plan the design before going ahead with the project because the shape and size of the walls define the ideal sizes and placements of panels.

Mix Orientation and Batten Spacing

Did you know that 84% of first-time home sellers regret their mistakes, such as not working on the exterior appearance? A siding upgrade can do the trick without breaking the bank. Try mixing the orientation of panels for brownie points with the design. You can keep them horizontal on the roof and vertical on the walls. You can also be creative with the old-school board-and-batten design. Space your barrens wider or narrower than your neighbors to make your property stand apart. It can also help correct flaws by creating appealing visual illusions. For example, thinner spacing can make a house look taller if it isn’t tall enough.

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Blend Materials

Blending siding materials is another creative way to add a distinctive style to your outdoor space. While vinyl siding continues to be the most popular option, you can check alternatives such as metal, fiber cement, and engineered hardwood to create a unique look and feel. Americraft recommends blending different materials to enhance the design and considering local factors while doing so. Cities like Austin have humid climates with moderate levels of rainfall, making fiber cement an ideal choice for siding. If you want to upgrade your home siding in Austin before listing it, choosing this material can make your home weatherproof. That’s a factor you can list to get a higher offer for the house while selling it.

The Bottom Line

A siding renovation project can give your home the curb appeal boost it needs to sell fast and at a good price. Fortunately, it doesn’t cost a fortune and requires months to wrap up. A little creativity can lead to excellent outcomes. You can try these actionable ideas to add beauty to your outdoor space and value to your home.

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