Home Repair Tips & Tricks

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Accidents happen and when your home has to contend with hail strikes, wind damage or even water damage, it is best to be prepared.

Home Repair Tips & Tricks

We will now cover 5 ways in which you can handle damage caused in an emergency.

Always have contractors that you can call

Create a list that includes the full names and phone numbers of general contractors. Be sure to have this list on paper as well as on your phone.

Choose contractors that are on call

Next, when you select general contractors locally, you should always make sure that they offer 24 hour emergency services. Remember, their emergency services may be on another number, so make sure you take note of these numbers. Whenever a natural disaster hits, you will need to contact a couple of contractors in order to find one that is actually available and can assist you. If you have a driveway that is blocked by trees or your home is damaged, there are lots of tree removal services that you can call. Many of these tree removal services also offer emergency services.


If the damage to your property is quite serious, then you will likely need to call your agent once you have homeowners insurance. The insurance company will send an adjuster who will look at the damages and then create an estimation of the cost to get the damages repaired. In many cases, the insurance company will suggest a particular local contractor. However, you do get to decide on who does your repairs. Your insurance can be impacted by rebuilding as well as doing remodeling and renovation. So, you should always look at your insurance policy on a regular basis and have it reviewed, especially if you intend on making big changes to your home. For smaller emergencies you may find it is better to pay for the repairs yourself to save driving up your insurance premium. Apply for an online payday loan to cover the costs if needs be.

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Get estimates from a couple different contractors

Next, you should try to get a couple estimates from various local contractors. You should try to get a minimum of 3 estimates so that you can have many different experts assess your job. Whenever you look at potential contractors, make sure that they show you their insurance and license, especially if your state requires it. By getting estimates that are thorough and detailed, it will enable you to save a lot of money and time. The estimate should include details such as the particular work that has to be carried out as well as the cost of doing so. Do note that it should not cost you any money to get an estimate or quote.


After you’ve selected a particular contractor to work with, you need to clearly communicate with them throughout the project. You should feel comfortable to ask as many questions as you want. After the project is finished, make sure that the contractor does a walkthrough so that you can identify any issues and have them fixed asap. Home insurance is quite important and the statistics show that 1 in 20 homes that have insurance make claims every year. In most cases, these claims occur due to damages caused by hail and wind. As a result, it is best to complete the research as listed above as it will definitely help you if your home gets damaged.

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