What you Will Need for a Home Movie Theater

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To set up a movie theater in your own house, you need to take care to have certain equipment and materials to furnish the room. So let’s figure out the most questionable points.

What you Will Need for a Home Movie Theater

A projector

To make the experience of watching a movie especially bright, it is worth taking care of the power of the luminous flux of the equipment you use. Most often, preference is given to projector models with a power of 400-2000 lm. There are several basic models of such devices – LCD and DLP, which are ideal for home cinema. They are relatively inexpensive but have all the necessary qualities to deliver a great picture.

When choosing a projector, you should first pay attention to the following characteristics of the device:

  • image quality (brightness, contrast, saturation);
  • resolution:
  • cost;
  • scaling of the projected image.

By comparing these characteristics, give preference to the most suitable device. Almost all of them are available on the market in excellent quality.

Light filters on the windows

All windows in the room are hung with special light filters or thick blinds. But you can use basic “blackout” curtains. It is advisable to take care of installing adjustable lights on the walls so that the eyes do not get tired of too saturated colors on the screen.

Special room decoration

By decoration, we mean that you will also need to ensure that your home theater is well soundproofed. To provide the right soundproof you will need to be sure the walls are covered with sound-absorbing materials (it could be carpeted). Do not forget about the organization of proper ventilation, air conditioning of the room, because the thermal radiation of the equipment in the room often gets too uncomfortable temperature values.

Sound systems

Movie lovers know that not only the picture is important in the movie, but also the sound quality. So the choice of a speaker system for a home cinema room should be taken seriously. Almost all electronics stores offer a suitable 5:1, 7:1, or 9:1 audio system. For a small room, you can use even a standalone soundbar.

What you Will Need for a Home Movie Theater - movie theater


Some might think that the choice of cables for connecting all the devices is a trifle. But cables must correctly interface with the system components so that all signals can be transmitted without distortion or loss of information. Don’t be cheap on cables.

Wireless Options

Modern technology has stepped so far that people have the opportunity to install wireless home theaters. The main feature of such equipment is that it allows you to watch movies directly from the Internet using Wi-Fi technology. But take note that Full HD and even 4k and more quality video will need a really strong internet connection.

A screen for the projector

A flat white wall is quite enough to create a screen. But do not use light colors in the decoration of surrounding walls. The light and pastel colors distract the viewer from what is happening on the screen. For this reason, in classic cinemas, movie halls are made in darker shades.

Movie Choice

And the most delightful part – choose a movie! For fans of crime stories, we can recommend “House of Gucci”, “Spencer” and the soon-to-be-released film about the Pastor case. Fans of action scenes can enjoy the new Spider-Man movies, as for horror movies fans, have you heard about the new “Scream” movie? When it comes to movie choices, it’s all up to you and your preferences.

Final Thoughts

People are willing to pay to be able to enjoy watching their favorite movie on a big screen at any time, without leaving home. If money is limited, it is worth trying to assemble a home theater with your own hands. This will save the family budget and choose equipment that can meet your wishes. And hope our article helped you with this one.

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