Factors That Should Change Your Home Maintenance Routine

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Home maintenance routine

Many maintenance suggestions that people come across online aren’t sufficient for all homeowners. This is especially important for people who aim to DIY as much as possible in terms of home repair. If you don’t account for these five unique stresses on your property, you may follow an incorrect maintenance routine and need professional help sooner than you’d prefer.

Your Occupation

How much time you spend at home largely depends on your occupation. For example, if you’re frequently on the road or spend long hours at work with your HVAC system set off or running on low, you can get by with changing the air filters once or twice a year. If you work from home or are in a profession like construction and bring home lots of dust with you, you’ll need to check your system much more often.

Having a Fireplace

Having a fireplace introduces a whole new set of responsibilities for a homeowner. You’ll need to be mindful of your indoor air quality because of the soot and carbon dioxide that a fire produces, which means you’ll have to pay closer attention to HVAC maintenance. Proper ventilation is also vital to avoiding health hazards. The fireplace will have to be cleaned regularly, and you’ll need to check the foundation for cracks and other structural issues before they become costly problems.

Home maintenance routine - fireplace

Living in an Extreme Climate

Is it especially warm or especially cold where you live? That means you’re putting your HVAC system under more pressure than homeowners who live in a more temperate climate. This is another reason to check your filters more frequently. Schedule routine maintenance before the extreme weather kicks in to ensure your system runs smoothly when you need it most.

Foot Traffic

Do you have kids or several roommates who come and go throughout the day? Foot traffic wears your flooring, and especially if you have natural stone floors, you’ll need to create a cleaning schedule and stick to it religiously. You may also need to implement a “leave your shoes at the door” policy to keep people from tracking dust and dander throughout the home. This is another reason to change your filters more often, particularly if anyone in the home has allergies.


Like having a fireplace, owning pets totally changes your responsibilities as a homeowner. From lawn care to cleaning your floors, you need to be mindful of how pups and kittens may damage your property.

Pay attention to your HVAC system if you have pets. Change the filters more often than the 3-6-month recommendation for average homeowners, and consider upgrading to pleated filters to pick up the excess dust and dander that pets track through the home.

You may also need to schedule routine maintenance more frequently to ensure that your system is clean and functioning properly.

Every home is unique. If any of these factors apply to you, be mindful of the DIY advice you read online and make changes to accommodate your specific situation. This will help you perform maintenance on your own correctly and keep your property in good condition.

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