Best Home Improvement Trends and Ideas For 2020

With the coming of the new decade, the home designing had to change as well, as it is constantly adjusting due to people’s different preferences and to the periodical trends that define our culture.

Best Home Improvement Trends and Ideas For 2020

After plenty of consultations with home design professionals and builders in Essex, quizzes inquiring home improvement ideas, and countless of research, we managed to put together a list of top home improvement trends and ideas that already are and will dominate the year of 2020.


Looking at the previous kitchen trend, “two-tone-kitchen”, which implies that each cabinet of the kitchen (lower or upper) consist of two different colors. Home designers have elaborated a new design that brings one more color to the table, whether it is used on a perimeter cabinet or on the edges, it’s main purpose is to create an asymmetry. The third color material used in the palette is meant to define zones and sections to keep the eye moving.

The most resounding combinations are: Janina Cabrera’s white perimeter cabinets, light wood for the edges and a powder blue-hutch and Hutker Architects’ refrigerator and pantry wall to the left addition with light wood via:

  • flooring,
  • shelves
  • ceiling
  • beams


As the idea of grout lines passed away a long time ago, when choosing a backsplash tile, make sure your countertop material is holding well with your three-tone-kitchen design. As this design involves a lot of movement and eye-catching, consider picking a slab backsplash. You don’t necessarily have to match the backsplash slab with the countertop, some choices of preference such as a granite tile are known to make a surprising design statement, giving it your own specific look.

Best Home Improvement Trends and Ideas For 2020 - slab countertop

Wood Cabinets

Naturalism and wood specifically has put a strong mark on the modern home design, which is why full-wood cabinets are now one of the biggest trends in the UK. Contrary to past years, when the only colors our palettes knew were white and gray, designers concluded that the variety of wood types and grain patterns is enough to fill our kitchens with original, unique and astonishing designs.

The wood that marked itself for the last months is walnut. It is appreciated for the amount of benefits it has:

  • rich naturally
  • elegant
  • warm
  • inviting wood

Walnut wood is also a good choice if you want to match it with modern-day furniture colors such as white, gray, blue, and brass tones.

Blue cabinets

Currently, the biggest prediction that multiple designers have for 2020 is that the blue color will benefit from the biggest catch. As they say, it is more of a color that suits best just the cabinets rather than the island or the edges. To match and balance the dramatic color, experts suggest the use of neutral to warm whites, for example a wool in combination with bone white. The white side of design keeps a clean crisp-looking view, something that modern-day home designs are well-known to use.

Now that you know what some of the best 2020 home improvement ideas and trends are, go on and make a difference in your house by picking one of these from Castle Point Construction.

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