Boost Home Energy Savings with Window Replacement

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If your heating and air condition bills are escalating so fast it makes your head spin; you’re probably looking for ways to stop that home energy loss and drive your costs back down into the realm of affordability. Enter the replacement window option.

Boost Home Energy Savings with Window Replacement

We reached out to Dan Hatcher, an expert in window replacement in Austin, TX to find out how investing in new windows creates a positive impact on energy savings. He shared some helpful information with us—and shared that the value of new windows extends beyond energy savings alone.

Added Value

Replacing inefficient, old, worn out windows is one of the fastest ways to achieve the home energy savings that you desire. Not only will you stop experiencing anxiety every time you open up your monthly bill, but you will also gain five other benefits that add value to the project:

  • Enhanced exterior appearance and curb appeal to add spades of charm to your home.
  • Better comfort inside the house—no more cool or hot pockets of air or drafts entering the space.
  • Improved appearance inside the home—fresh, clean, new windows and trim look incredible.
  • Easier cleaning thanks to improved technology that makes cleaning modern windows a snap.
  • Increased resale value of your home—a must if you are considering selling your home in the next several years.

So, you might now be eager to hear more about replacing your windows with new, energy-efficient ones, but apprehensive about the cost. Remember, though, that while you are making a substantial investment, you will also be simultaneously stopping the inflated monthly energy bills.

The Value of Vinyl Windows

When you are shopping for new windows, vinyl replacement windows are today’s top option. Vinyl frame material achieves all of the following:

  • Offers efficiency in terms of stopping the conduction of hot and cold
  • Practical and maintenance free
  • Will not rot, rust, or mildew
  • Pest resistant
  • Arrives pre-painted, no staining or painting
  • You choose from an array of beautiful colors
  • Long-lasting and very durable

Also, many homeowners prefer vinyl replacement windows because they are among the most affordable of replacement windows despite their more modest price tag. All around, they offer the best value and most convenience in today’s window marketplace.

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Select the Right Glass

A window is more than just an efficient frame. You also need to consider the type of glass (often called glazing) that will help you achieve the highest energy efficiency.

What type of glass do you need?

Well, that depends on your environment. All buildings need to amplify their energy efficiency, but a home in the extreme cold of the mountains of Maine requires more thermal protection than a house in, say, the relatively mild climate of North Carolina. A window expert local to your area can provide you a bit of guidance on that.

However, if you are talking in terms of the window’s structure, here are the glazing options that impact your energy efficiency:

  • Standard Insulation: Manufacturers today hermetically seal air into the spaces between double-paned windows. The air trapped between serves as a highly effective insulation.
  • Gas fills: Manufacturers also offer an option of windows with gas fills, typically krypton or argon, between the panes of glass. These are safe gasses that are clear, free of odor, and non-toxic. This is an upgrade that boosts energy efficiency but will cost you a little more money.
  • Low-e coating: Low-e coating helps to stop the transfer of heat or cold through new windows with an additional technology. Thus, you induce an energy savings of between 30 to 50%. The cost of this technology adds a cost of roughly 15% per window, but many homeowners feel this upgrade is well worth the extra cash.

Windows are a one-time purchase. Therefore, invest in the correct units for your climate and spring for the upgrades that will help you yield maximum energy savings.

The Bottom Line:

There are few times when you get to make such a significant purchase as windows, as they last around twenty years on average. From adding energy efficiency to reduce those high energy bills to beautifying your exterior, you have a rare opportunity. Take the time to select the best replacement windows that will add the most value to your property and increase your comfort.

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