Home Energy Efficiency Strategies

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Watching your utility bills rise every month is no one’s idea of a good time. As your hard earned money appears to fly out the window, your budget can experience a deep decline and your pockets will get thinner and thinner. Though this present situation does seem very dim and discouraging, there are some things that you can do to turn these things around. One of the most beneficial is creating your own energy efficient strategies to reduce your utility bills.

Home Energy Efficiency Strategies

To make sure that your entire family is aware, and can participate in energy efficiency home planning, here are some tried and proven strategies that you can use in your home today.

Educate the Entire Family on saving energy Tips at home

Start with a plan to educate everyone that lives in your home. If your energy efficient strategy is going to work well, no one should be left out. Based on the hacks and the tips that you have gathered thus far, here are a few common things that everyone must do on a regular basis to keep the cost of your home’s utilities down.

– Make sure everyone knows that the home’s programmable thermostat can be used to their advantage so that none takes its functions lightly. For instance, when you are away from home during the morning and evening hours, this thermostat will automatically turn on and off after it has been programmed. Therefore, no one should tinker with these settings unless they actually know what they are doing.

– Explain why your laundry should only be done during specific hours of the day. Your family may or may not know that your energy bill increases during peak hours (i.e. between the hours of 4 p.m. and 7 p.m.). So, everyone should do their laundry before 4 and after 7.

– Lights should not be left on after leaving the room.

Consider Using alternative forms of energy

Everyone in the home should also know that there are other options for obtaining energy in the home, though they may need to be reviewed for the best benefits. In this case, the best person for this research may be assigned the duties of finding the best energy resources. For instance, a huge part of this research is to look online and in your local areas for regulated energy providers in Alberta that will offer the best rates and energy efficient terms for your home. Using an alternative form of energy is often a great way to save your family hundreds of dollars throughout the year.

Home Energy Efficiency Strategies - energy efficient home

Identify Differences Between Winter and Summer Season Energy Efficiency Strategies

When the weather switches dramatically to extremely hot or bitterly cold, your family needs to be aware that it is time to beef up the family’s energy efficient strategy. Since the smallest changes can cut down the utility bills quite a bit, everyone in the household needs to know exactly what to do to conserve on the home’s energy. Here are some recommendations for both seasons:

Strategy for the Hot Summer Months

During the hot summer months, you need to make sure that your air conditioner has been serviced and the air filter changed regularly. Keeping the maintenance up on these units can lead to lower costs on your utility bills, especially because the air conditioner will not have to use extra energy consumption to cool the entire home.

Strategy for the Cold Winter Months

During the cold winter months, you need to make sure that your insulation in your attic meet specific requirements. For instance, the insulation must be installed properly to keep the hot air from seeping out and the quality of the insulation must be proficient enough to prevent rising cost of energy in the home.


If you want to save money on your utilities throughout the year, you need an energy efficient strategy to address every aspect of your concerns. By creating a plan that focuses on conserving energy in the summer and winter months, using alternative energy resources, and educating the family on what their role is, you can begin to save hundreds of dollars throughout the year on your utilities.


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