3 Home Design and Improvement Projects You Should Not DIY

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With the amount of fun home improvement TV to watch, it can be incredibly tempting to do DIY. However, before you grab that sledgehammer, there are a few things you should remember. One of them being that although DIY can look like plenty of fun on the television screen, in reality, it can be a different story. Here’s the thing; what you see on the TV is the easy part. What they don’t show, is the challenging aspects that you may run into.

There will be no smooth DIY project- just like in life, nothing goes strictly according to plan. So, should you forego all thoughts of DIY? Certainly not! However, some DIY projects are better left to the experts. Take a look at this list and check out home improvement projects you should not DIY.

3 Home Design and Improvement Projects You Should Not DIY

Floor Refinishing

So, you need to refinish your floors huh? Although you might be tempted to rent the appropriate equipment and turn this into a DIY project in the hopes of saving some money, you probably should not. While it seems like a simple task (sanding off the top layer is all it takes-right?), the reality is that it is a far more complicated task. This is because a sanding machine takes a certain finesse to operate. Although this sounds silly, if you don’t have the right ‘touch’ with the sanding machine, you could end up removing more than just the top layer of your wood flooring. What’s more, is that if you end up making a mess of the job you could end up spending thousands trying to repair it.

Electrical Projects

Always get a trained electrician to do your electricals. The most electricals you should be doing in your house is changing a lightbulb- that’s it!

According to the Electrical Safety Foundation, there are more than 400 deaths per annum due to faulty electrics and miswired electricity. Stay on the safe side and get an expert to fix your electrics.


Want to do your tiling project at home? Don’t. Unless you want the job to turn out looking awful. For proper tiling, you need to know (and have the patience) how to lay tiles, and that includes laying them out, measuring, and then measuring them again. If you are still not convinced, imagine the tile cutting you would have to do to make sure the tiles fit neatly around things like faucets. Cutting tile is not a simple task; the hardest being glass mosaic tiles. Save yourself time, effort and money (in the long run) and hire a professional to do your tiling jobs for you.

The above are the top three DIY improvement projects that you should leave for the professionals to do, but they are not the only ones:
–    Roofing
–    Work requiring a permit
–    Molding

Leave the simple stuff for DIY and contact an expert for the things that require more knowledge than a YouTube tutorial.

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