5 Awesome home decor Trends for Summer 2020

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Every single season brings a new approach and unusual ideas to interior design. The fashionable interiors will include plants, modern furniture and round-shaped decorations.

5 Awesome home decor Trends for Summer 2020

This article is going to show you five awesome home decor trends for 2020′ Summer.

What colors will be popular in the Summer of 2020?

This will be the Summer of warm colors. Intense, bold colors in various shades will be the most popular in the upcoming Summer. They are going to create unlimited arrangement options. Because of this, we will be able to decorate our interiors as our imagination desires. Green color, associated with nature, will also enjoy uninterrupted popularity. It will perfectly fit into the eco-friendly trend, which has been popular for years. During the upcoming Summer, we will also discover new versions of green color called neo-mint. It is a slightly more modern shade of green.

Considering the colors of 2020, they may be, emerald, olive or mint-gray green, associated with the appearance of the morning sky, dirty, whitened pink. Try to combine these colors with all of your house accessories. If you want to make some radical changes, you could make sure that every piece of equipment in your kitchen is in the same color. This will ensure the consistency of your composition. You can also assign a given color to a type of accessories or rooms.

#1 Maximalism

Summer 2020 will be focused on maximalism – great patches of colors, interior design and large patterns will be part of it. Subdued colors give way to vivid shades of precious gems, which are great when choosing furniture. Shops like www.renovatorstore.com.au are offering a wide variety of products in colors that will be trendy this Summer. The statement piece is a piece of unique furniture that dominates the rest and attracts the most attention. For example, it can be a sofa in intense color. This solution allows you to change the style of the room without spending a fortune on new furniture. Just invest in one fashionable accessory to be able to enjoy the interior in line with the trends of 2020.

#2 Flowers

Colorful roses or exotic cactus and palms? Flower patterns will be part of the 2020 summer trend. They will bloom in every corner of the apartment. Flora became an inspiration for architects and interior designers during the last years. The fascinating world of beautiful flowers makes it possible for everyone to find something for themselves. Thanks to the green colors, you can create a jungle atmosphere in your apartment by combining flowers and furniture. It will look outstanding everywhere, in luxurious and minimalistic interiors. Choose flowers so that they have the right size. Try to maintain balance – so that your room does not turn into a garden. If you don’t have time to water the flowers, you can print some floral prints on anything you want to. For example, with little effort, you can change the atmosphere in your bathroom by using these prints.

5 Awesome home decor Trends for Summer 2020 - living room

#3 String Lights

String lights are everywhere. You’ve seen them probably in a bunch of restaurants, bars and even at weddings. Everyone likes them because they are universal. They go with everything. You can choose where you want to place them. For example, you can hang them around your terrace to make it look unique during warm summer evenings. They will also look great at home, for instance, as an interesting variation that will add some vibe to your reading corner.

Tip: You can also find those in which you can change the color.

#4 Geometry

In previous years, everything was in line with the trend of simplicity and geometric patterns. In this season, designers are trying to find the balance. It is still worth emphasizing the character of the interior with the help of unique geometric patterns. They go very well with minimalist details such as square frames and paintings. Think about implementing these patterns on your pillowcases or tiles on the terrace. They are to be a detail that adds style, not the main character in the decor. Try to make them colorful so that they give life to the whole room composition.

#5 Ecology

A guarantee of style without harming nature is a beautiful vision. Innovative industry and designers’ experiments to create unique materials based on recycling and natural materials are one of the most interesting angles of the upcoming Summer. Materials created from corn, seagrass or bamboo are reaching more and more people interested in this trend. Modern furniture produced from natural materials is making a sensation on the market. Many interior decorators base their entire projects on the use of eco-friendly materials. On the market, you can also find products from recycled materials like carpets liners made from old fishing nets or armchairs made of odd stuff. It is good that people support such ecological initiatives; it affects the good of the whole planet.

With these five ideas, you will be able to decorate your apartment with the 2020 summer trend. Remember to be creative when creating your own apartment project, look for inspiration on pages like Instagram and Pinterest. Do not be afraid of bold colors and solutions. Realize your ideas and prepare your home for 2020 summer!

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