How NOT TO let your Home Contractor Ruin Your Place

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Looking forward to getting your house remodeled? There is no denying the fact that contracting companies have literally simplified the renovation work for their clients, but they are still required to earnestly control the process to reap the expected results. Even if you’ve acquired services of a professional contracting firm to handle your work, you have to keep a check on everything.

How NOT TO let your Home Contractor Ruin Your Place

Working with indoor contractor takes efforts and attentiveness in order to keep your work in line and on budget. Below you will find 5 smart ways through which you can refrain your contractor from ruining your place:

Good Communication is the Key

Before handing over your house remodeling project to the contractor, make sure to ask questions and express any concerns you have. Ask your contractor how he prefers to be in touch with you. For instance, you can communicate with the foreman daily at a pre-decided time. Don’t forget to take your contractor’s contact details and his consent to call or SMS whenever required. Lastly, it’s very important that you meet with the project leader at least once a day to give your feedback and also to pass on any other special instructions you have in mind.

How NOT TO let your Home Contractor Ruin Your Place - meeting with contractor

Maintain a Journal

The best way to keep record of your house renovation progress and avoid future disputes is to maintain a journal. You can use that register to jot down important notes and questions you want to ask from your project contractor. In addition to that, you can also track order numbers, warranty details and forthcoming delivery dates by maintaining a journal.

Ask Your Contractor to Wear Safety Shoe Covers

This is certainly one of the most important things. In most cases, you tell the requirements beforehand and the deadline, and they figure out how to get it done. Sadly, many independent contractors don’t care about their clients’ property. It’s definitely better if you tell them to wear safety boot covers to prevent dirt and debris that can ruin the flooring of your house.

How not to let your home contractor ruin your place - muddy boots

Although there are countries like Canada where boot covers are mandatory for contractors, yet still there are places where contractors are least bothered about this important requirement.

Be Proactive

Make sure you keep a strict eye on your contractor’s work. In order to be able to control your contractor you must know something about home renovation yourself. If you want to learn more then check Ultimate Home Remodeling & Renovation Guide by renovators from Sacramento. The best time to inspect is when the team has left for a day. Note down important points for instance model numbers and other relevant details that you can use to compare against the contractor’s bid. Although, you shouldn’t interrupt unnecessarily as it may annoy your contractor, but you have the right to expect quality results.

Be a Good Client

Being humble and accommodating for your contractor is a great way to encourage them to deliver their best. Try to facilitate them as much as you can. Praise their work often so that they can feel motivated and will work even harder to meet your expectations.

There you have it, don’t let contractor ruin your home. Follow these simple tips to get the best work from your contractor.

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