Holiday-Makeover Hacks To Deck Your Home On A Budget

After another long and stressful year, the holiday season promises to bring better days ahead. The vaccine has brought the virus under control, but the economy still needs time to recover. You may want a new look and feel for your home this season, but the budget will be on top of your mind. Luckily, there are ways to deck your home on a budget and without much stress.

Holiday-Makeover Hacks To Deck Your Home On A Budget

Here are the holiday-makeover hacks you can try to bring a festive feel to your living space.

Write down a budget

Even before you start with the project, you must have a budget in the first place. Decide how much you can spend and which areas of the home you want to cover. Preparing a budget on time and having it in writing gives you a head start with planning. The additional benefit is that it is much easier to stick with the plan once you see it on paper. Crunching the numbers requires some effort, but it is worthwhile.

DIY what you can

If you want to deck your living space in a budget, DIY what you can. You need not do everything on your own, but doing bits and pieces can make a difference. Pick simple projects like cleaning, decluttering, and repurposing, as they give you a good start without spending a dollar. You can even find decor stuff at a thrift store or reuse things from the last year. It gives you creative satisfaction and enables you to save a significant sum on the Christmas revamp.

Get help where you need it

While DIY is a good idea, you cannot manage bigger projects like painting jobs and window makeovers. You will need professional help, but it does not require spending a fortune. You can Get a quote from a residential painting contractor you rely on and see if it works for you. Consider comparing a few providers or asking for recommendations to get the best fit for your budget. Spending on a paint job is worthwhile because the value of the service extends beyond the holidays.

Holiday-Makeover Hacks To Deck Your Home On A Budget - living room

Stick to the classics

Whatever you plan for the festive makeover, do not follow trends blindly. Stick with the classics, and you will not have to worry about spending more than your pocket allows. Even if you buy timeless decor items today, you can reuse them down the line and get your money’s worth. Check your old boxes and hunt for everything that works. Buy judiciously for the season because basics may suffice.

Use more greens

Using more greens for a holiday makeover is a good idea because they are inexpensive. Think beyond the Christmas tree and wreaths to enhance the festive decor. You can consider buying new indoor plants or even bring some potted plants from your garden to refresh the bland corners. Hang fairy lights around them, and you will have a welcoming little place for the season. An impressive holiday decor need not burn a hole in your wallet. A little creativity and smart budgeting can take you a long way to refresh your space for welcoming your guests.

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