6 Holiday Decorating Tips to Keep Your Family Safe

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Whether it be for Christmas, New Year’s Day, or another holiday, you probably want to liven up the interior and exterior of your home for the festivities. While decorating can be exciting and add some seasonal joy to your property, be sure to keep the 6 holiday decorating safety tips in mind.

6 Holiday Decorating Tips to Keep Your Family Safe

Use Cloth or Plastic Ornaments

If you have antique glass ornaments, it may be best to keep these tucked away. A lot of people own these as memorable family heirlooms, but glass ornaments are fragile and can break if they fall from your tree. Your wooden or tile flooring can become badly scuffed. Not to mention, broken glass pieces can pose a threat to you, young children and pets. We recommend only using cloth and plastic ornaments. If you want to use glass ones, make sure they are properly secured to your tree and out of reach of small children and excitable pets.

Be Cautious About Using Candles

With the holiday season in full swing, you are likely getting a lot of use out of your peppermint- and winter-scented candles. While candles can add a holiday ambiance to your home, be careful about when and how you use them. Keep them away from curtains and blankets to ensure nothing catches alight. Secure all candles in a sturdy base so they don’t tip over. Always remember to put a candle out if you leave the house or go to sleep for the night.

Ensure Your Lights Are Safe to Use

Whether they’re for indoor or outdoor use, make sure your holiday lights are safe to use. Don’t:

  • Connect three or more strands of lights together.
  • Use blinking lights.
  • Hang up frayed or otherwise damaged cords.
  • Use indoor lights on the outside of your home.

Implementing any of these practices is extremely unsafe and can result in fire damage. If you do experience fire damage during the holiday season, be sure to contact a company like AllDryUSA in Illinois. Emergency restoration companies like AllDryUSA tackle odor removal and fire damage cleanup. You must have fire damage repaired immediately. Issues left unaddressed can result in long-term and costly damages to your home.

Care for Your Tree

If you get a real tree for your home, make sure to water it regularly. A dry tree is more susceptible to catching on fire. A well-hydrated tree won’t dry out or pose a fire hazard to your home. If you don’t want the maintenance that comes with having a real tree, you can opt for an artificial one instead. Just make sure it’s labeled as “fire-resistant” to minimize the chances of an accident with candles or faulty string lights.

6 Holiday Decorating Tips to Keep Your Family Safe - Christmas tree by the fireplace

Dispose of Wrapping Paper Properly

If you’re lucky enough to open your presents by a fireplace on Christmas morning, don’t dispose of your wrapping paper by throwing it in the fire. Instead, recycle it or save it to use next year. While getting rid of your wrapping paper by burning it seems convenient, the paper can catch fire quickly and lead to flash fires.

Work with Someone to Put Up Your Decorations

Enlist someone to help you put up decorations including trees, wreaths, lights, and signs. Climbing a ladder and holding objects above your head can be dangerous. Have someone available to hold your ladder steady, and hand decorations to you, to keep yourself and your property safe. You don’t want to ruin your holiday season with a trip to the hospital!

Plan Your Decorations to Keep Your Home and Family Safe

You don’t have to sacrifice festivity in the name of safety. Just be careful about what decorations you put out, and ensure that you and your family are aware of any possible hazards. Happy holidays!

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