Choose a restoration company that specializes in disaster management and recovery. You may be surprised to know that an emergency restoration company can help you in a better way than general contractors and DIYs methods. All-inclusive restoration companies have the required knowledge, tools, equipment, and skills to address crisis based operational needs, such as fire break, flood, storm, and hurricane damage remediation.

Important Reasons Why Hire a Restoration Company

Most regular contractors are skilled at remodeling, restructuring, and constructing projects but often lack experience and capability in managing restoration cases.

What Happens When Disaster Strikes

When a disaster strikes, it is complete chaos. Disasters come unannounced and all of a sudden. Examples include flood, hurricane, fire, storm, and their long-term effect. A fire may burn up an entire room, cause the roof to collapse, burst the plumbing system, and damage the electrical boards in a matter of few hours.

Only a certified restoration company can get your property back to its original shape in an affordable and timely manner. This is because restoration is different from remodeling and new construction. While remodeling is more about changing the looks of a property, restoration is treating a damaged property and making it livable again.

Reasons Why You Must Hire a Restoration Company

A restoration company follows a planned process to get your house back to how it was before the damage happened. Remodeling and new construction are some of the process steps. We have mentioned a few important reasons why you should hire a restoration company and not a general provider for water and fire damage restoration.

Strong Relationships with Other Entities

This is one of the most convenient benefits of hiring a restoration company. Licensed restoration companies are familiar with all entities related to property damage and restoration, such as insurance companies, firefighters, police, constructors, architects, interior designers, etc. You just have to make one phone call to the restoration expert and a team of specialists will arrive in your location in no time.

Equipped with Best Restoration Tools and Machinery

Emergency restoration requires special tools and equipment such as moisture meters, wet vacuum cleaners, infrared cameras, thermography, air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers to manage and prevent damage. For instance, a thermograph uses electromagnetic waves to determine the amount of moisture penetrated inside the walls, which may not be available with general repair companies.

Important Reasons Why Hire a Restoration Company - burnt house

Personalized Attention for Speeding up Process

Emergency restoration may cost you some hefty amount. However, since insurance covers water and fire damage, you can claim the restoration cost through your home insurance policy. However, the process may take months to complete. But due to their association with the insurance companies, restoration experts will be able to speed up the claim time so you are reimbursed faster. This is because restoration providers use the same claim estimation software that insurance adjusters use.

Understand Damage Better and Provide Better Solution

Remediation is a very important step to recover from damage. If one fails in remediation, the recovery will also be ineffective. Since restoration companies come across all types of disasters every day and since they are certified and trained, they have the knowledge to identify different damages and plan step-by-step strategies based on individual assessment. Their quick thinking ability and personalized resolution will save you from costly repair and maintenance.

Complete and Cost-Effective Care

Restoration service providers offer complete service, from water damage recovery to mold removal to soot and smoke remediation, and even asbestos removal. They may even work on remodeling your house. With additional guidance and everyday assistance, you shall be able to return to your home in a few weeks.