Should You Hire a Cleaning Service When You Move House

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You should never leave the house you lived in a dirty state just because you’re moving and don’t plan on living there again. It is advisable to make sure that there is no filth in any corner or spot in the house before you leave, seeing as it’s best to remain on good terms with your landlord or to simply leave it in its best shape to up its value when you sell it.

Should You Hire a Cleaning Service When You Move House

Moving out is a hassle on its own, and although you can clean it by yourself, it’s sometimes preferable to get professional help to save you time and effort. You may think that it’s troublesome to allow cleaners in, but there are many advantages that may change your mind and make you give a them a call.

Boots Resale

Cleaning improves the value of any apartment by appearing shiny and groomed. If you own your house and plan to sell it, realtors can show your place around confidently and invite people in to check it out. A bright-looking house attracts buyers and makes them more likely to agree to the price that you set. It also makes it easier for potential buyers to start imagining how their life would be in their new home. However, if you leave it unclean, all of those glamorous thoughts will be overshadowed by all the dirt.

Efficient Cleaning

If you decide to do all the work by yourself or with the help of family members, you may miss a lot of hidden areas. There will definitely be some corners that you barely notice or clean while living in the house, and you may still overlook them on your way out. That said, if you don’t remove food crumbs and dust beneath the kitchen cabinet, some mites and insects may crawl in, grow and cause a horrible smell. Professionals know the subtle places that attract microbes, and they know how to reach them. This is why deep cleansing of every spot in your house is necessary to eliminate any source of contamination.

Saves Money

You will need a lot of specialized equipment to remove stains from the floor. Moreover, dust accumulates on walls, and black spots may appear and as such, they may require removal with unique materials. You might be compelled to spend money on requirements that you will end up using once or twice. That said, you have to put into consideration that some of them may go to waste because you won’t know how to use them at first. In that case, you’re better off spending less than that amount for a cleaning service.

Furthermore, if you currently rent the place, your landlord will inspect each part of it to assess whether to give you back your security deposit or not. Let’s suppose that you are living in a city like London, which makes rent already high in such a busy region, and thus tenants would be less likely to want to spend more money on maintenance. In that case, experienced cleaners at may suggest leaving the flat or house in a good state if you want to rent another property in the future and would like your landlord’s recommendation. If the landlord is happy with its condition, you will get back the money you left upfront, and you will be labeled as a great tenant.

Should You Hire a Cleaning Service When You Move House - cleaning

Less Time and Effort

The time that you would spend on gathering the supplies and wiping off filth can be more efficiently used to pack and unpack for your new place. You also deserve a timeout and to take some time for yourself without the stress of moving out that you will already face. That said, moving is tiring on its own, so if you decide to do all that deep cleaning by yourself, there’s no doubt that you will be exhausted from all of the efforts that you are putting in while switching places and simultaneously cleaning. Your productivity will increase as you stop obsessing over these small tasks and use your time to achieve your big goals.

Starting Fresh

Who says that your new home doesn’t deserve to get pampered, too? Requesting a cleanup before moving in is essential. It will also allow you to have a fresh start in a pristine place without the hassle of cleaning. All you will have to do is unpack your bags and put down on your new furniture.

Avoiding Damage

Since you don’t have any experience in scrubbing surfaces or removing different kinds of pollutants, you may damage the surface you are attempting to clean. You will do that unintentionally, but your landlord won’t care, and you will have to pay compensation, especially if your rented place is insured. It’s best that you take your insurance deposit upfront to reduce the costs of moving out of your current residence and into your new place, seeing as you’ll likely need to pay for other expenses, such as hiring moving trucks and the like.

The bottom line is that hiring professionals will make your life easier and make you stop panicking over every little detail. It is fine to let the more experienced professionals handle some tasks. You should instead focus on the most crucial steps such as getting back your money, starting fresh, and reducing your stress levels to be able to enjoy your new house.

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