Why Hire an Immigration Lawyer

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Being a good handyman might require that you travel to different countries to open a business just the same as being a good employee might mean that you are contracted out full time to a foreign branch or department. When this happens you can use resources like total.law to find a good immigration attorney.

Why Hire an Immigration Lawyer

You can get advice on a spouse visa or help with a marriage visa application as well.

Do I really need an immigration attorney?

The first question many people have when they start investigating hiring immigration lawyers is whether they really need one. Immigration law, like all areas of law is one of those situations where you are not legally required to have an attorney. This means that you are well within your rights to submit all paperwork on your own and conduct all interviews or Court proceedings without any representation. However, there are very few situations where this is advisable. For example, if you are simply getting a tourist visa, you are a US citizen and you are trying to travel to the United Kingdom, you can probably look up the current laws from your state department or other corresponding government websites and find out that you can book your flights and then show up at the airport with information about your travel, and after speaking with customs, get a quick stamp in your Visa for 90 days out of every six months. For this you obviously don’t need an attorney.

Things become a little bit more complicated however, if you decide that you want to extend the length of your stay, if you meet someone and decide to get engaged, or if you are offered a job while you are on vacation. You might find a job or be asked to do some work while you are overseas and not realize that choosing to work while you are on your tourist visa can void that tourist visa and also come with tax implications. For these reasons you should consider working with an attorney for just about all immigration matters.

How do I find the right immigration attorney?

The right attorney is going to be the one that is the best fit for your situation. If you need information on a spouse visa or you have recently become engaged or divorced, these are things that you will want to run by a qualified immigration attorney who specializes in the area of marriage visas. Immigration law is a large field and there are multiple sections within that field. Not every immigration attorney you find in your area is going to have experience with that specific item.

Why Hire an Immigration Lawyer - deal

For example, if you are facing deportation, you want a trial lawyer with experience in deportation cases, not someone who has experience only with marriage visas. Likewise if you are looking for help getting a marriage visa, you don’t want someone who specializes in work visas for small businesses. The best way to make sure that you are working with the right immigration attorney is to ask them questions about their. And get a feel for where they focus. This can be done during the consultation.

What is a consultation?

A consultation it’s a chance for you to speak with the attorneys or law firms that you are considering before you hire them. Consultations with immigration attorneys do typically, to cost. While other attorneys like personal injury attorneys don’t charge for the consultation, immigration law is much more complex so you should expect to pay anywhere between $50 and $300 for your consultation. However, during your consultation you can prepare some interview questions. You can ask questions about what experience that attorney has or what areas that firm specializes in. You can go over your situation with those attorneys and they, in turn, can explain whether they believe that their organization is the right fit and why.

This is an excellent opportunity to figure out questions about the cost and how you will be expected to pay, and how frequently. Most immigration attorneys will bill you monthly based on the amount of work they did that month. While you might be able to enter into payment plans working with an attorney in the United States, Germans, for example, are much stricter and they will halt all work on your case until you have paid in full the current month that you owe. These are things you want to know before you work with an attorney.

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