Hiking Boots vs. Hiking Shoes: Which Type Do You Need?

Where are you going on your next adventure? You can be confident that, whatever the terrain or activity, there’s a perfect type of footwear made precisely for that purpose. With various styles and materials from which to choose, you should never have to sacrifice comfort for safety.

Hiking Boots vs. Hiking Shoes

The question remains: which is better for your journey, hiking boots or hiking shoes?

Hiking Boots

When most people refer to hiking boots, mid-weight hiking boots, such as Timberland hiking boots, come to mind. A hiking boot has a reinforced outer layer (either leather or synthetic material), solid foot support and exceptional ankle support. You should opt for hiking boots if you’re expecting any of the following:

  • Uneven trails covered in obstacles (e.g., rocks, roots)
  • Wet trails
  • Snowy trails
  • Steep trails
  • High chance of rolling your ankle

The more solid the footwear, the heavier. However, a quality pair of mid-weight boots shouldn’t feel much heavier on your feet than other shoes. The right hiking boots will provide plenty of protection from the elements while feeling light and comfortable enough for an all-day hike. Look for hiking boots that are waterproof, have sturdy stitched soles and have an inner lining designed to be waterproof and breathable (GORE-TEX is an excellent feature).

Hiking Shoes

These days, hiking shoes (also referred to as trail shoes) are available in multiple varieties. Hiking shoes and hiking boots are frequently thought of synonymously, but choosing some variations could make a significant difference in your hike. The main characteristics that differentiate these two footwear types from one another are style, weight, and comfort. Hiking sneakers are another great option for men and women who enjoy exploring the outdoors. With the right pair of hiking sneakers, you can easily traverse any terrain with ease and comfort. Hiking shoes are best suited for:

  • Well-maintained, even trails
  • Trail running
  • Day hiking
  • Camping

Hiking Boots vs. Hiking Shoes - hiking shoes

Since trail shoes are made for more uniform terrain, although their quality can be comparable to boots, they don’t provide quite as much support. The positive aspect is they tend to be lighter on your feet and more comfortable than boots. Hiking shoes look similar to running shoes. In fact, footwear like North Face hiking shoes is a popular fashion trend from avid hikers to people who have never set foot on a trail. For many people, their functionality isn’t as important as their unique look.

The thicker soles and leather-reinforced fabrics of trail shoes are sturdier than a typical athletic shoe. They’re ideal for terrain that’s a little tougher to navigate than asphalt or a running track. One variation is made specifically for trail running. Trail running shoes are essentially like conventional trail shoes. However, they offer additional padding, tougher soles and slightly more ankle support. Unless you’re planning on running along very rough terrain, standard hiking shoes or trail running shoes should offer plenty of support. Before deciding on a particular pair of shoes, make sure that you choose from those specifically made for hiking. Opt for ones with durable stitching, waterproofing, breathability, arch support and safe lace design.

Before you hit the trails, research popular womens boots for hiking or the best hiking shoes for men. A reputable shoe store can place your feet in the perfect footwear for your next outdoor adventure.

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