Herbs from your garden that can used to garnish a meal

We all know that the presentation of a meal can be just as integral to the dining experience as the food itself. While there are some tried and trusted traditions in cooking, both in preparation and furnishing, some lateral thinking can go a long way. To cook up the perfect meal, you need the essentials, the right cookware, like the range available at MadeInCookware.com. You will need the right appliances. You will need the right seasonings.

herbs in the garden

An overlooked necessity is how your dish is garnished, and this is the realm in which you get to be genuinely creative and add your own flair! There are the more ubiquitous garnishes; essential herbs, perhaps a slice of lemon, however, we are going to introduce you to ten exotic garnishing ideas you can use to impress.


Okra is an edible flower that is widely valued for its green seed pods, a perfect colour to contrast red curries or turmeric rice. With a mild savoury flavour profile, Okra can also be used to complement creamy dishes such as mushroom soup or a chicken broth.


A familiar flavour, you may be surprised to learn that Chives are entirely edible, from stem to flower. Whole Chive flowers make for a stunning garnish, reminiscent of dandelions and light purple in colour. They make for a great complementary colour for rice, white meats and add new variety to Hawaiian stir-fries.


A perennial herb found in a dozen variations, these edible flowers are incredibly striking. A definitive conversational topping, these botanical beauties can be used to garnish both savoury and sweet dishes. The limit is your imagination!


While not as distinct as some of our other suggestions, Garden Chervil has a delicate off-white sprout of beautiful petals and a general gentle amber, green colour. We recommend it as a garnish for a visually subtle course.

English Daisy

A perfect garnish for a culinary centrepiece, the English Daisy resembles the more common varieties of garden daisies. A beautiful flower of pure white petals, it can be used both in contrast or complementary arrangements.

English daisy

Pot Marigold

Another member of the daisy family, this unique beauty is a bright orange that will breathe life into even the blandest looking of broths. Perfect in any arrangement, it is particularly splendid when set to float upon a rich broth or soup.

Bachelor’s Button

Blue is a tricky colour to bring into food. Enter Bachelor’s Button, otherwise known as the Cornflower. Not only does this gorgeous blossom go beautifully with any other garnish mentioned here, but it can also be used to infuse herbal tea.


Perhaps the most commonly known edible flower on our list, there is a smaller variety that makes for stunning accentuating garnish, mainly when used to decorate plates of seafood, particularly pink salmon.

China Rose

Our penultimate recommendation is perhaps the most gorgeous. The China Rose comes in a variety of red gradients, blending in pink and orange tones. The perfect garnish to bring colour to a formal occasion.

Passion Flower

A large genus constituting a variety of blossoms, the passionflower is not only a beautifully intricate garnish but is also believed to be an aphrodisiac. The perfect finishing touch on that romantic home-cooked meal!

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