Heavy-duty flooring and coatings

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Virtually industrial facilities have areas where the floors put up with heavy loads, corrosive chemicals, or extreme wearing away by friction. Without a proper industrial floor surface, your floor would be prone to cracks or other damages that would be costly to repair. It is essential to have a concrete floor that will last longer and ensure you perform your work efficiently. To protect your concrete from harsh conditions, install heavy-duty epoxy flooring and coatings. Companies like JDL concrete Resurfacing handle this all the time.

Heavy-duty flooring and coatings

Your concrete slab is a vital part of your facility’s structure. It not only represents your business investment but also forms the foundation for your workplace. Installing a light-duty coating can be costly to your facility and poses a risk to employees.

Industrial floor coatings for safety

Employees require a safe working space to be productive; this is achieved by high-quality industrial epoxy flooring. Industrial facilities with many moving parts need a lot of proper traction from industrial floor coatings to protect employees from slips and falls that can cause injuries. To transform your workspace into a machine, install a good epoxy floor coating to increase productivity. Also, you need to protect your surfaces corrosion coatings.

Armorultra Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Armorultra is ten times thicker than traditional floor paint. It’s an outstanding choice for industrial spaces perfect for high use areas. Applying the coat makes the facility efficient, it reduces the frequency of breakdown for repair. The floors are easy to install by following the manufacturer’s instructions.

ArmorUltra FH Series

The ArmorUltra FH Series is a multilayer made of small aggregates, and it is suitable for heavy-duty activities. ArmorUltra has superior thickness and can heavy pressure without cracking. It is affordable and has a sand layer to increase its versatility; excess sand is swept away.

ArmorPoxy Quartz Flooring

It is the right choice if you require an aesthetically pleasing floor. It works great in industrial environments, is built to last, and more robust than the traditional epoxy floor. The quartz floor is easy to clean, non-skid, and water-resistant. The flooring has aggregates embedded within for decorative purposes. Selecting the appropriate floor can be a tough decision. Still, if you consult the right experts, they will advise you on the best floor coating for your facility.

Heavy-duty flooring and coatings - heavy duty flooring

Epoxicote High Build

Epoxicote High Build is made up of solvent-free resin, forming an excellent resistance against chemicals and scratches from heavy objects. High Build is preferred for interior use, especially areas exposed to high traffic and chemical spillages.  It is a considerably tough and durable coating for industrial use.

FloroBuild Epoxy Mortar System

It’s an affordable repair for controlling spalling, pitted and cracked floors. They are easy to clean, non-skid and high resistance to impact. They add outstanding performance, durable options and offer great value. It can also be used to patch damaged floors and level slabs and provide inclination.

CP Heavy Duty Rubber Floors

Concrete Protector Heavy Duty Rubber Floors provide facilities with long-lasting floors. They are completely waterproof, can withstand high pressure and abrasion from heavy machines.

Epoxicote High Build Cold Cure

It is developed to cure at low temperatures. It is durable, can withstand high traffic and chemical contamination.

Floral Wear High Traffic System

Florowear is an excellent protective coating for high traffic floors because it’s resistant to friction and chemicals. It can be installed on another layer that has been well prepared. The FloWer is also an attractive floor finish that maintains a low sheen, more comfortable to clean, and prevents concrete dusting. Part of keeping your business performing is making sure your facility functions as intended. Heavy-duty flooring is advisable for industrial spaces to keep performing their duties. Many coatings claim to be the best but wear out with time. It is advisable to have expert advice and have them take care of your floor.

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