Want to Heat Up Your Home? Here’s How

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With summer drawing to a close and many people are beginning to start to shed their bathing suits and shorts in favor of something a little warmer. If you have a home that does not get much sunlight during the day to heat it up then you may begin to notice that you are getting a little colder in the nights. If this sounds like you then we suggest looking into some cheap and effective ways to heat your home when you get cold.

Want to Heat Up Your Home

This article will seek to shed light on a few ways that you can heat your home or supplement whatever heating system you currently have in place. There is no reason to be cold in your own home. By using these concrete tips and tricks, then you will be able to feel nice and toasty in your home whenever and wherever you want.


If you are having problems with your home being too cold or not retaining its heat, then you may have an issue with your insulation. This is often a good route to take before spending a lot of money on something like a new furnace system. Many older houses have issues with poor insulation, or in some cases, they may even use asbestos insulation. This is often expensive to remove and can have negative health effects on those who are exposed to it. Be sure to get an expert in to look at your current insulation situation and get an accurate idea of what can be done to fix the issue.

Get a Space Heater

One of the simplest and most portable solutions to heating your home is using a space heater in order to warm up whatever area of your home that is feeling cold. There are a large variety of shapes, types, and sizes of space heaters, so depending on your needs, then the type of space heater recommended could vary greatly. According to this buying guide, you should choose the one that can efficiently warm the room you’re planning to put it into. You need to measure the space of the room and calculate if the heater can effectively work on the area. Since there are literally thousands of space heaters on the market it can be difficult to find a reliable and affordable space heater without getting overwhelmed by choice. In order to help narrow your choices we highly recommend doing some and taking advantage of online reviews and buying guides. This will help to save you time and money during the process of heating your home.

New Furnace

In some cases, there is a large issue with furnaces that causes it to inefficiently heat your home or not at all. There are experts who can come in to look at your furnace, clean it, and evaluate its current condition. If there are small repairs that can get your furnace up and running for another year or two, then this is often the smartest route to take. However, sometimes you need to replace your entire furnace system, which can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. If this is the case, then be sure to look for some eco-friendly options or high-efficiency heating options. There are some systems that can actually heat your home and power it by using heat from the earth’s core, known as geothermal. This is one of the greenest technologies available to heat your home and does not involve costly furnaces that frequently break down.

Want to Heat Up Your Home - thermostat

New Windows

If you have windows that are old and in need of a replacement, then it can cause large amounts of heat to leak out of your home, raising your heating bill and causing your home to feel cold. By replacing your windows you can get energy-efficient ones installed, which will help to avoid heat leakage from your home, which forces your furnace to work harder in order to compensate.

Use blankets

When all else fails, use blankets to heat your home. They are portable, cheap, and most people have them. This is not a permanent solution, but it can help you out in a pinch.

Hopefully, this article has been helpful and informative regarding the different ways in which you can affordably and effectively heat up your home. It can be difficult in some cases to heat your home in the way you want, due to stipulations from your landlord, expensive hydro bills, or a large number of other possible reasons. This article offers a variety of solutions to any potential problems you may run into during the process of attempting to heat your home. The end goal is for you to be warm and comfortable anywhere in your home, at any time of the year. If you effectively implement some of these strategies then you will no longer have issues heating your home.

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