How Keeping A Healthy Lawn Affects Your Curb Appeal

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Lawns are essential features to your home’s curb appeal. Most homeowners prioritize curb appeal, especially where selling their home is possible. Buyers are naturally attracted to houses that looks good from the outside. A home’s outlook is among the top factors that interested buyers consider when making purchase decisions. Creating a healthy lawn around your home isn’t as difficult as it might sound. By taking good care of your yard, you can turn the grass outside your home into a plush lawn in no time.

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This not only means mowing and fertilizing it regularly but aerating it. Lawn aeration involves creating holes in the soil to allow water, nutrients, and air to reach grass roots. A healthy lawn contributes to a positive home outlook in many different ways. If you’re unsure about keeping your lawn healthy, here are five ways doing so would affect your curb appeal:

1. Minimizing Erosion

Maintaining a healthy lawn affects your curb appeal by minimizing erosion. Eroded patches can make your yard unsightly. Besides making your yard look good, a healthy lawn prevents ground corrosion. Grass compacts soil by holding particles in place. If your home is in a steep area, aerating your lawn can make it denser so that soil particles aren’t carried away as water rushes down the slope. You can easily maintain a healthy yard by signing up for annual lawn aeration services. Healthy lawns also offer water quality benefits. The dense grass root network traps pollutants, removing them from the water as it flows through the soil. The grass allows water to infiltrate the ground well.

2. Preventing Floods

Uncovered lawn patches can develop holes during the rainy season as raindrops disperse soil. Water that collects in the gaps can cause your yard to flood and the runoff to spill over to other properties in the neighborhood. A healthy, well-maintained lawn slows surface runoff and allows rainwater to seep into the ground, effectively preventing flooding.

3. Filtering Air Pollution

A healthy lawn improves your home’s curb appeal by filtering pollution. The grass in the yard can absorb carbon from the environment and release oxygen into the atmosphere. Through photosynthesis, the grass on your lawn traps utilizes carbon dioxide while releasing oxygen into the atmosphere. A healthy lawn also reduces carbon levels in the atmosphere when plant clippings decompose. The grass on your lawn also traps dust. Since lawns cover soil surfaces completely, soil particles cannot be blown into the air by the wind. Dust and greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide contaminate the air and make breathing difficult for people. By trapping dust and absorbing carbon dioxide, healthy lawns keep the air in and around your home fresh and free of pollution.

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4. Cooling Effect

The other way a healthy lawn improves your home’s curb appeal is by providing a cooling effect. Naturally, grass helps in cooling off the surrounding environment. Along with other plants, lawns are highly effective in decreasing air temperatures. Well-maintained yards are much cooler on hot summer days than bare ground, concrete, or asphalt surfaces. Lawns provide a cooling effect through evapotranspiration, which involves water evaporating from plants. This cooling effect comes in handy during summer when outdoor temperatures become unbearable. Furthermore, healthy lawns help reduce injuries on concrete or asphalt surfaces during summer recreation activities.

5. Reducing Noise Levels

A well-maintained lawn can improve your home’s curb appeal by keeping noise levels down through deflection and absorption of sounds. The yard is an insulator that absorbs different types of noise from living and non-living things. Besides absorbing noise, a healthy lawn can minimize light glares and reflection.

6. Extension of the Living Space

Although most people think of yards as exterior spaces that are separate from their living spaces, a well-maintained lawn can be a natural extension of your home. You can create exterior sitting and cooking spaces in your yard and spend considerable time there. Healthy lawns also increase curb appeal by providing safe spaces for children to play. Children need such safe spaces to play and have fun. Well-kept yards provide ample room for them and are essential for adults with kids.

Final Thoughts 

Homes with healthy lawns positively affect anyone who looks at them. Such yards capture the attention of passersby and provide natural backgrounds for other elements in your landscape. But these aesthetics aren’t the only curb appeal benefits healthy lawns offer your homeowners. The five aspects discussed above show how a healthy lawn affects curb appeal.

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