Health Benefits of Gardening

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Gardening can be a satisfying hobby, but it can also provide you with some great mental and physical health benefits. It is a great way to get outside, and it can add purpose to your life as you watch your hard work pay off in the form of flowers, vegetables, or anything else that you planted.

Health Benefits of Gardening

Let’s look at the best benefits that gardening can have on your overall health!

Good for Stress

If you have been stressed out, then gardening may be a good way to relax. However, it should be noted that gardening is not going to help you enough if you are struggling with overwhelming stress or anxiety. Therapy, on the other hand, can be an effective treatment option. You can find a therapist at and improve your wellbeing from the comfort of your own home. Gardening can lower stress levels and may even be a good way to supplement therapy for anxiety. Research shows that gardening may be more beneficial for stress levels than reading. Furthermore, gardening seemed to help people’s mood after they had a stressful experience.

Boosts Your Mood

There are several studies that indicate that gardening can give you a boost in your mood. Additionally, gardening tends to increase a person’s self-esteem. Even with people who suffer from depression, gardening seems to reduce their symptoms for months after they stopped the gardening intervention. In addition, just being outside in natural environments may be enough to improve stress, anxiety, and depression. It does not even take that much time outside to benefit from it and just two hours a week outside may be enough to improve your health. Also, gardening requires physical exercise which may also contribute to the boost in your mood.

Prevent Illness

We use sunlight to produce vitamin D and gardening can help us get enough of this essential nutrient. Vitamin D is used for a plethora of different bodily functions and can help give you a boost in your immune system. There is research that shows that spending time outside, like you do when you are gardening, can help to prevent breast cancer, prostate cancer, and other types of cancer as well as multiple sclerosis.  Low vitamin D levels increase the likelihood that you will develop metabolic syndrome, dementia, type II diabetes, and more. However, be sure that you do not get too much sun because it can increase your risk of developing skin cancer.


Gardening requires focus and concentration which can help us be mindful in the present moment. We can listen to the music of nature and be mindful of our surroundings, experiences, and thoughts. Mindfulness has been shown to have numerous benefits including improvement with anxiety, depression, PTSD, and chronic pain.

Health Benefits of Gardening - gardening


Gardening and other lawn work is exercise and utilizes muscles all over the body. This type of exercise can be great to reduce your chance of weight gain and obesity. It can also help you get a good night’s sleep. Obesity can increase your risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Gardening can add exercise to your weekly routine to help keep those extra pounds off. Sleep is important for our overall health and wellbeing and it is important that we get adequate sleep so that we can properly function.

Improve Memory

Gardening may be enough physical activity to improve your cognition and even be a catalyst for the growth of brain nerves that are related to memory. One study used gardening for people who suffer from dementia. They found that there was an increase in brain nerve growth that was associated with memory. Horticulture therapy uses gardening to improve mental health and may also be an effective treatment for people who suffer with dementia.

Social Connection

Gardening can help to foster social connections within our community. Research shows that students who worked in their school’s garden would take pictures of their work and share those experiences with others. Furthermore, they also said that they learned new skills, formed new relationships, and increased their wellbeing.


A lot of people have been developing ecoanxiety that is rooted in their guilt and other feelings related to the worsening effects of climate change. A lot of people feel like there is nothing that they can do about it. However, gardening is a way to do your part in the fight against climate change.

Gardening for Teens

Gardening can be a great activity that connects parents with their teenage children. It can have a lot of beneficial affects on a teen’s development. Caring for plants and watching them grow can help to foster responsibility. It can also help their confidence as they watch their seedlings grow into beautiful flowers or delicious vegetables. A lot of teenagers spend most of their time outside. Gardening is a fun activity that can get them outside and reaping the benefits of nature and sunlight. Not only that, but it is a great way for them to increase their physical activity.


Gardening can be satisfying and fun while also improving your physical and mental health. Not only that, but it can make your lawn look great or provide you with delicious, and healthy, food to add to your dinner table. Gardening can help us improve our mood and reduce our stress and anxiety levels. It can even help us get more sunlight to prevent disease and combat weight gain. All of these are great reasons to get outside and get your lawn looking great!

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