Be aware of these hazards when you’re remodeling your home

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When you’re searching for your dream home, it’s easy to fall head over heels in love with something old and vintage looking. The charm and appeal that old buildings possess mean whether you’re looking for a new home for your family, or a new business premises, it’s difficult to resist. Sadly, what many property renovators fail to recognize are the hazards that may be lurking in these classic buildings, and the subsequent costs that come with making them habitable and safe again. Homes of a certain age carry notorious hazards, including lead paint, asbestos and of course damp and unstable masonry. When these kinds of hazards are disturbed, then they’re more likely to post a risk to your health.

Be aware of these hazards when you’re remodeling your home

By making yourself aware of the risks involved, you can move on with your remodeling project and still prioritize your health. If you do fall unwell or become injured whilst remodeling your home, and it is no fault of your own – for example, if you use a faulty piece of equipment – then see this personal injury attorney (based in LA) for more information.

Exposure to asbestos

You’ve probably heard of the material known as asbestos. What you might not know is that if your property was built before 1980, it could be rife with it. When disturbed during the remodeling process, the fibers in asbestos can become airborne and when inhaled pose a high cancer risk. There are many places you might find this fibrous material such as around old boilers and pipes, in the ceiling and floor tiles or anywhere you might place insulation. You should only ever allow accredited professionals to remove the asbestos from your property.


Much like asbestos, many homes were filled with lead products such as paint before the real dangers of the substance was revealed. Problems with lead paint for example, often occur when that paint is damaged, and the dust makes its way into the respiratory system. Again, speak with a professional about having any lead-based products removed from your property.

Mold and damp

There’s nothing more frustrating than a damp house. And when you can see (and smell) mold and damp moving up the walls of your property, festering in the moisture-ridden corners of your home and even working its way up to your furniture and belongings, it’s incredibly disheartening. You can clean it away and repaint these affected areas, however, you’re only masking the issue. Failing to have mold and damp seen to properly can lead to respiratory issues and other health conditions. Especially if you have young children or someone in the home with asthma. Speak to a professional about having your damp issues resolved.

Be aware of these hazards when you’re remodeling your home - rubble


Fumes from paint, adhesives and building materials can be a major hazard during a renovation project. Although long-term health issues may not be likely, you can still expect to feel lightheaded and dizzy when you’re exposed to these kinds of fumes for extended periods and in enclosed spaces. The best option is to ensure all work areas are well ventilated and you’re wearing face masks and eye protection to keep your airways fume-free.

Final thoughts…

If you’re unsure about dangerous chemicals or substances in your home remodelling project, reach out to an expert as soon as possible.

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