FAQ Session: How Often Should You Have Your Lift Serviced?

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Commercial and residential lifts play essential roles in transporting people and goods from floor to floor. The lifts must be maintained to keep them running properly and avoid potential safety hazards.

How Often Should You Have Your Lift Serviced

Read on to find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about lift maintenance in Singapore.

How Often Do Lifts Need to Be Serviced?

Maintenance schedules vary based on lift type, the length of the lift shaft, frequency of use, and what the lift is used for. It’s always better to enroll in a program for preventative lift maintenance services from Hin Chong than to wait until problems arise. This helps to avoid the need for emergency repairs. It’s also important to note that in Singapore, the Building and Construction Authority mandates that all lifts must be maintained at least once per month.

What Does Lift Maintenance Entail?

During preventative maintenance visits, service technicians clean and lubricate adjustable components, check safety features, and ensure optimal lift performance. Modern engineers use advanced technology to monitor the lift’s condition, check for potential problems, and keep track of maintenance data. They will give clients a copy of the maintenance report for their records that details every service provided during the visit.

What If the Lift Needs Repairs?

If the lift needs simple repairs, the maintenance company may be able to perform them the same day. If the repairs required will be complex and time-consuming or parts need to be ordered, the client may need to schedule a second visit. When this is the case, the lift should be taken out of service until the necessary repairs have been performed.

Will the Lit Need to Be Taken Out of Commission?

The lift will need to be taken out of commission while engineers check its various systems, components, and safeguards. They’ll need to inspect not just the interior of the lift, but also the motor room and the shaft. Make sure there is another plan in place for transporting people or goods while the engineers are on-site.

How Often Should You Have Your Lift Serviced - servicing

What Happens When Someone Gets Trapped in a Lift?

This scenario may sound like some people’s worst nightmare, but it isn’t that serious, and it doesn’t happen often. The person stuck in the lift car can use the emergency communication device to call for help. This alerts the maintenance company to the problem. Since having someone trapped in a lift definitely constitutes an emergency, the company should be able to send out a technician to deal with the problem immediately.

What Is the Difference Between a No-Load and a Full-Load Examination?

The yearly lift examination prescribed by the BCA requires both types of examinations. During the full-load examination, the lift’s performance will be evaluated while it is working at capacity. During a no-load examination, its performance will be evaluated while the lift is empty. Keep in mind that both these inspections are essential for ensuring proper operation.

The Bottom Line

Preventative lift maintenance isn’t just a legal mandate in Singapore. It’s also beneficial to property owners and everyone using their lifts. Property owners will spend less money paying for preventative maintenance visits than they would by making frequent emergency repairs. Lift passengers will feel more confident in their safety if they know the lift has been serviced by a professional in the last month and determined to be free of defects.

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