Handyman Franchise Ideas- Business Models

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There are various business models within the category of handyman services. Handyman business cab be both versatile and profitable.
Handyman Franchise Ideas - Business Models

The following are handyman business models suitable for making a reasonable income:

The Cherry Picker Handyman

This model of handyman business involves cherry-picking jobs based on interests and the skills of the handyman. It consists mixing the “To-Do List” and “Do It All” models. This model allows you to take jobs that you enjoy doing and are profitable. It requires that you only handle tasks within your ability. The Cherry Picker handyman is flexible and enables you to quote various jobs like the ones that seem more profitable to you. This model allows you to get a job quickly alongside. When using this business model, be sure that you possess excellent marketing skills to keep getting those customers.

The To-Do List Handyman

This handyman business is unique but easy to follow. The model takes advantage of the opportunities created by your daily lives. Such opportunities include simple jobs that busy parents and wealthy people do not do, like maintenance and repairs. The work in this handyman business model includes painting in offices, hanging pictures, hanging shelves, home repairs, and adjusting doors. To-Do list handyman business model requires you to have necessary handyman skills. Ensure that you set a profitable hourly rate which should be efficient to you and transparent to your customers.

The Do It All Handyman

This type of handyman business model implies that you can do every sort of task on offer, including electrical repair and maintenance, plumbing, planting a garden, mowing lawns, or even remodeling. The handyman using this business model offers small but significant maintenance and repairs at no cost hence cashing in on other bigger jobs like additions and remodeling. The model requires you to have various trade licenses.

Certified Handyman for the Job at Hand

This handyman business model involves the repair and maintenance services offered by a reputable tradesman. Certified handymen offer extensive specialization and a set of skills. The jobs available for handymen using this model require a certification, for instance, electricians. The tasks handled in this case are risky and complicated hence the need for accreditation. Certified handymen business model has a wide range of benefits, including considerably reasonable wages, great contractors, and quality work delivery. Additionally, an accredited handyman business model is simple. Most people using this approach stick to electrician jobs as compared to others like carpentry and plumbing.
Handyman Franchise Ideas - repairing

The Weekend Handyman

The weekend handyman model is based on the working time the handyman has. Handymen can work either on full-time or part-time, implying that the model applies mostly during Saturday and Sunday. Making yourself available during these days means you have an added advantage. Most people like taking a weekend off, meaning that you will not have a competition. However, you will need to have minimum qualifications to acquire a job in this handyman business model. The model works best for licensed technicians who are available on weekends.

Drywall Repair Handyman

Drywall repair franchises aims at not only offering homeowners with services related to small drywall repairs but also handymen and large drywall firms and contractors, including electricians and plumbers. The model strives to repair holes left by trade contractors, given that they do not have resources to fix them. The model is essential as most contractors often don’t deal with patching, usually leaving it to the homeowners to address. Drywall repair franchises are also essential and valuable to large drywall firms that don’t bother with small repairs. This handyman franchise business model is profitable by patching small jobs.

Hop-Along a Handyman Franchise

The hop-along business model strives to ease the job of the tradesman. This model enables handymen to focus on significant commercial activities. Depending on the core of the franchise, merchants are expected to adhere to rules and restrictions, guidelines, and policies through contracts.

The model includes advertisement, inquiries, management, and brand reputation that you purchase. If you are an excellent handyman franchise, you offer and grow income for handymen. Hop-along handyman franchise well-developed brand flow of business that requires you to take time to invest in it.

Using this handyman business requires you to invest substantial initial capital to purchase a handyman franchise. The franchise has to offer up-to-standard technology updates, excellent customer care, know-how, solid brand reputation, and support for you to depend on. All in all, if you’re a handyman and want to make money with your skills, these are the types of models you should choose from. Leveraging your skills to help others and make money is a very rewarding venture.

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