How To Effectively Handle A Leaking Aquarium

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Several people install an aquarium in their homes because they find this beneficial when it comes to relieving them from stress or calming them. This is the reason why even if it is quite challenging and tedious to maintain an aquarium, they still make an effort to keep their aquarium in its best condition.

How To Effectively Handle A Leaking Aquarium

This article tackles how you will be able to effectively handle a leaking aquarium.


One of the primary things that you need to do to handle a leaking aquarium is to exert the extra effort to research regarding the things that you need to prepare to repair it. Fortunately, you can now refer to various online sources where you will be able to find the aquarium info that you need when it comes to handling leaks. Some may require you to drain your tank, but some sources will guide you in repairing aquarium links even without draining. Just make sure to follow the steps accordingly to ensure that you can repair the leaks successfully.

Prepare the Surface

Before you will be able to seal the leak in your aquarium, you first need to prepare the surface. This entails the need for you to drain some water from the aquarium, low enough until you can reach the cause of the leak. In this case, you can simply use a cup or a bucket, but if the leak is at the bottom of your aquarium, you may need to drain your aquarium entirely.

As soon as you get around the leaking area, you may want to remove the old sealant using a razor blade scraper. In case you did not drain your tank entirely because the leak is high above the tank, then make sure that none of the old sealants falls into the water. After removing the old sealant, make sure to clean the area with a cloth that is dampened with a bit of acetone. This will remove any residue and other foreign material around the area. From there, you would then need to completely air-dry the area you have cleaned.

Sealing the Leak

To seal the leak, you need to apply a nontoxic silicone sealant using a caulking gun. In this case, you should consult with a professional aquarium supplier to have a good idea of some of their most recommended products. Also remember that in handling aquarium leaks, sealing it from the inside proves to be more effective than when it is sealed from the outside. The reason behind this is that the water pressure will tend to tighten the seal pressing the silicone against the glass, rather than pushing it away from it.

Make sure to allow ample time for the sealant to dry, which is usually around 24 hours. You may even use a heat lamp to help cure the sealant, but don’t heat above 110 degrees Fahrenheit. After the sealant is effectively cured, check your aquarium for any other leaks. In this case, refill your tank until the water reaches the part that you have resealed. You may need to wait for a couple more hours to check whether any other leaks may seem to appear. To check for leaks, you may use a paper towel outside the area of the tank that you have sealed. If it remains dry, then you have successfully repaired the leak.

How To Effectively Handle A Leaking Aquarium - fish

Also, monitor whether the water pressure of your tank reopens the leak that you have sealed. If you have completely drained the tank because the leak is at the bottom, then you need to set it back up again after the sealant is completely cured. Just clean all the things that you need to put back in beforehand.

Hard to Find Leaks

If you cannot immediately locate the leak in your tank, you need to pay attention to the water in your aquarium. If there is indeed a leak, for sure you will notice a noticeable level drop. In this case, you may need to look around your aquarium for any signs of wetness. You can also check metal corners for any sign that appears to be separated from the glass.

Maintaining an aquarium may prove to be quite tedious and challenging. Nevertheless, the benefits that you can get from it will make all your efforts worth it. Rest assured that in case you encounter a leaking aquarium, there are already viable ways on how you will be able to handle it effectively. Just follow the tips listed above and in no time, your aquarium will once again be in its best condition to provide the best environment for your fishes.

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