A Short Guide on Trending Electric Fireplace

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These days, electric fireplaces in houses are becoming popular due to a number of factors. Easy installation, low maintenance cost, and eco-friendly nature are some of the common reasons for investors to invest. Even electric fireplaces are economical compared to outdated gas and wooden fireplaces. If you too make a plan to buy electric fireplaces for your home, here we have some best fireplace options.

A Short Guide on Trending Electric Fireplace

Let’s dig into details:

Wall Mount Electric Fireplaces

Wall-mounted electric fireplaces are easy for installation, the user just needs to hang on the wall or a place designed for the fireplace at your home. Only 110 volt power  outlets are required for a small heater. Keep in mind, while placing this element a few inches of space is left for the heating element that vents from either the top or bottom. There are high varieties of electric fireplaces available in the market differentiating from backlit LED lighting, and several colors, remote control operation, and media options. If the flame gets intense, it can be easily controlled by remote control.

Built-In Electric Fireplaces

A built-in fireplace is a great option for condos, apartments, and newly constructed houses. In all these modern houses, special space is created for the standard size 2″ x 4″ framing and extended depth for a fireplace installation. It is also called the lowest costing mounting option as it is less expensive and needs less space for installation in living space. For a standard power option, a 110volt outlet is required. One of the best parts is that you can choose large varieties of designs under all budgets and certain models that can become a part of your home decorations. Built-In Electric Fireplaces can be used with or without a heater throughout the year.

Electric Fireplace Inserts

Electric Fireplace Inserts is the perfect option to retrofit your home mantel or replace existing gas or wood fireplace. These are standardized shapes and designs that can be fit into any corner like another corner electric fireplace of your home. There is no fear of ashes or danger of smoke or flame that makes it cleaner and safer for little ones and pets. This fireplace can also cover masonry places at home. The fire media and amazing color options are great assets to enhance your house appearance.

A Short Guide on Trending Electric Fireplace - built in fireplace

TV Stand/Mantel Electric Fireplaces

If you get rid of your house’s traditional look, TV Stand/Mantel Electric Fireplaces is a perfect option. This fireplace looks gorgeous without harming classical looks. This fireplace also requires a 110volt outlet for power supply. If your house has a lack of venting, wood/gas option, these fireplaces are a great option. Some essentials of choosing TV Stand electric fireplace venting involve no venting necessary, a vast variety of media options, and color options. Most important, remote control operations help in saving power bills and serve immediate relief when the temperature becomes too hot.


The wide variety of installation options, attractive designs, and no need for venting makes the eclectic fireplace the first choice for users. Alternatively, it’s the best option over traditional methods like gas and wood for heating to serve a clean environment for kids and pets.

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