Essential Guide to Land Insurance

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You are responsible for any damage to your land, whether it is private roads or plots of land. Land Insurance provides financial protection from any claims. We answer all your questions to help you determine if you require it, what it covers and how you can get the best price.

Essential Guide to Land Insurance

Why should I have land insurance?

You can sue someone if they inflict injury on their land or cause damage to their property. Land insurance is a form of public liability insurance. It pays legal fees and any compensation that may be awarded. Land insurance is essential to financial security for those who own land. It pays for solicitor fees and pays out.

Is insurance for landowners a legal requirement?

No. Land insurance is not required by law. However, most landowners consider it prudent to insure their land against the possibility of unexpected costs.

What kind of land is covered by land insurance?

Land insurance also covers ‘vacant land’. It doesn’t matter if the land is located adjacent to any other land, but it will likely need separate insurance. It can be used to check the boundaries. Land insurance can cover the following types of land and you can go to to learn more what exactly is covered by vacant property insurance.

Here is a few things that are covered:

  • Public rights of way in fields
  • You can build plots on a single or large scale.
  • Woodland
  • Land with water: rivers, streams, and lakes
  • Derelict buildings
  • Private roads
  • Parking lots

Do my garden needs land insurance?

No. No. Land insurance is an insurance policy that is designed for land without a dwelling. As long as your home insurance does not have a separate title, your home insurance will cover you for any damages resulting from accidents in your garden.

Is it possible to have a claim against me by someone who is trespassing on my property?

Yes. Trespassing can be considered a civil offense, and not a crime. Landowners are required to take reasonable precautions to safeguard their property from any potential dangers. Trespassers are included. If chemicals are left unattended and a child trespassing on them gets to them, you may be held responsible for damages. It is easy to have claims brought against you in today’s “no-win, non-fee” culture. Even if you are not found to be at fault, legal fees can add up quickly.

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A footpath is on my land. Can land insurance cover it?

Yes, even if your land has public access, you can get land insurance to protect your assets.

We are a group consisting of owners who share a private road to their properties. What can we do together?

You can adapt your land insurance policy to cover multiple people on one policy. This is possible to protect private roads.

There is a derelict structure on the property. What about the other buildings?

An older structure could pose a greater risk. Although the structure may not be of any financial value, you should specify that it is there.

What else can be covered by land insurance?

Yes. Land insurance will protect your public liability and also protect you from financial damage caused by animals or accidents on your land. Broken gates and fences are examples of this type of insurance.

What is the cost of land insurance?

It all depends on how much land you are looking to insure and where it is located. Costs will go up if the land has public access or other risky features, such as water or construction work. The cost will be higher if you live in a large city than in a rural area.

How can I get the best land insurance premium?

  • Increase excess. Lower premiums are generally associated with higher excesses. Be careful not to choose excessive excess
  • Limit the indemnity. This is the maximum amount that can be paid – such as PS1million, PSD5million, or PS10million. You can choose the appropriate level depending on the risk that your land poses. You should not choose too low, as it can end up costing you a lot in the long term.
  • Search to find the best deal. You’ll find many insurance companies that offer land insurance.

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