Decorating with Carpet Squares

Innovation has made carpet tiles more interesting. Unlike carpet rolls, carpet tiles are made in small squares, making them easy to install and clean. You can easily remove dirty tiles for cleaning or replacement if the stain is stubborn.

Decorating with carpet squares

Available in various patterns, colors and textures, carpet tiles are versatile for use in almost any room.

Pro Tip: A decent air purifier is great at keeping odours at bay, especially on carpets.

Carpet tiles are durable and thus can mask signs of wear in high-traffic areas such as entrances. Furthermore, you can organize your patterns in a desired way to achieve an appealing look. Carpet squares give endless possibilities in terms creating custom tile sizes and patterns to give your floor a personal touch.

Draw Inspiration from a Carpet Tile with Patterns

Pick a carpet tile with a pattern you like and find interesting. Let’s say your square features diagonal stripes in various colors such as red, orange, blue, green, black and white. Create a mix and match look by using other carpet tiles in solid colors inspired by your patterned tile.

Create a Checkerboard Pattern

If you’re decorating your kids’ playroom, bedroom or your living room, create a vibrant yet simple pattern in just two solid colors. For instance, black goes well with white, green with a light shade of blue, etc. Alternate the two colors on your tiles to create the look of a checkerboard pattern.

Alternate a Checkerboard Pattern with a Stripe Orientation

Buy rug tiles with striped grains in light monochrome color tones on the squares. Alternate the tiles with the striped grains appearing vertically on one tile and horizontally on the next to create an appealing checkerboard look. The square shapes of the tiles work with the subtle straight line patterns on them to give your floor an appealing mid-century look.

Decorating with carpet squares - checkerboard tiles

Come Up with a Three-Tile Checkerboard Pattern

Create a checkerboard pattern with three different colors or patterns on your tiles. With one color or pattern constant, alternate the other two. You can also use each tile color to create diagonal lines on your floor for an appealing look. Let’s say you have green, blue and orange colors on your carpet tiles, all the blues can appear in a single diagonal line and the same applies to the other two colors.

Mix and Match Carpet Tiles with Six Different Colors Inspired by Your Interior Space

Pick six colors in your room and ensure you have carpet tiles in the 6 different colors for a matching look. Find color inspiration from the furniture or upholstery, walls and other furnishings in the specific room. Use dark colors sparingly to keep your home bright and well-lit.

Choose a Color Palette and Blend it with Various Patterns

On just a single carpet tile, you can have many custom patterns to add a beautiful look indoors. Use different orientation of patterned tiles to create an amazing look. Install some carpets with stripes arranged horizontally and others vertically for a magnificent look. If you need to cut your carpet square always use only the best tools for clean cuts.

You can also alternate striped tiles with longer runners for a completely unique look. Alternating striped tiles with solid colors can also go a long way in giving your floor the look of your dreams. They can also define your dining area. Use a pattern with a pattern on your collaged flooring to add visual interest.

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