A Practical Guide for Repairing your Lake House

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Whether you want to spend your next holiday at your lake house or put it up for sale, you must take the necessary steps to repair the property and give it a new look. Since a lake house is an expensive investment, maintaining it at all times is highly recommended. Owning a lake house has its own perks and acts as a weekend retreat for you and your family. 

A Practical Guide for Repairing your Lake House

Leaving it unattended for months or even years can result in permanent and irreversible damage, which will not only cost you millions of dollars but also a loss of precious memories. Follow these steps to repair your lake house and turn it into a new structure.

Step 1: Improve Curb Appeal

Your shoreline curb appeal is the most important factor that you must consider when repairing and renovating your lake house. Since the frontline or curb makes the first impression on your guests, take measures to repair damages, and enhance its aesthetic value. Remove visible debris and leaves from the curb. All the bottom muck and aquatic weeds must be cleaned out as well. Basically, your shoreline curb appeal must be tended to and thoroughly cleaned. Paint the front door and house façade to add to its curb appeal.

Step 2: Ensure Deck and Dock Safety

When it comes to accessing a lake house, safety is of utmost importance. The dock and deck are the first elements that you step on to access your lake house. The shoreline walls and decks must be strong and sturdy. If you hear any wrecking noises or notice cracks, hire professionals to repair them instantly. If you notice any loose floorboards on the deck, replace them with new ones. Even though docks and decks are a crucial part of a lake house, most homeowners overlook these aspects when it comes to repair and maintenance.

Step 3: Repair your Foundation

Since the entire structure stands and relies on your lake house’s foundation, the strength and condition of this structural element are of utmost importance. The most prominent sign of foundation damage is visible cracks on its surface. Other signs indicating damage include mold growth, pooling water, buckling or loose floors, and musty odors. You may also notice gaps under your openings and face difficulty opening or closing them. To repair your foundation, start by filling cracks using concrete or a material that ensures the element’s integrity and strength. Foam jacking and installation of a sump pump are other repair options.

A Practical Guide for Repairing your Lake House - lake house

Step 4: Siding Replacement

The siding or exterior of your lake house must be replaced every few years. It not only improves the overall look of your house but also protects the interior from damage. The most common material used for any lake house’s siding is wood as it is visually appealing. However, you may have to change it or at least repaint it once every five years. Other material options are vinyl, fiber, stucco, and metal siding.

Step 5: Roof Repairs

The roofing system of your lake house must also be repaired from time to time to avoid leakages and resist strong winds. Depending on the roofing material used, you will need to change it once every 5 to 10 years. Look for signs of damage such as buckling flashing, drip edge damage, and missing shingles. Hire a professional roof repair service to fix the damage.  

Step 6: Install New Appliances

Every house needs a new set of appliances and systems, especially if they haven’t been replaced in a while. The next step is to install a new water system. As suggested by the nuvo water system review, you must change your water filter every few years as the quality of drinking water may not be optimum at a lake site. Such filters are easy to install and use a softener to improve the quality of water.

Step 7: Interior Repairs

Lastly, you must repair any internal damages. For instance, cracks on walls can be repaired by applying a fresh coat of plaster and repainting it. Change the floorboards to achieve a sturdier surface and line it with a new carpet. Choose a new color palette and change the interior décor theme of all internal spaces. At the same time, replace old furniture with minimalist and modern furniture pieces to align with the new theme. While repairing your interiors is recommended, enhancing its aesthetic appeal will increase market value.

By implementing these steps, you can save your lake house from permanent damage and ensure its longevity. Even though this project needs you to spend a part of your savings, you will get a higher return of investment, making the investment worthwhile. Whether you want to sell the house or use it as a weekend getaway, regular maintenance and checks are crucial.

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