A Quick Guide On Conservatory Insulation

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Have you ever had a day where you wanted to be out in your garden or on your lawn and still enjoy the warmth and comfort of being inside? Well, the British have a solution to your very specific craving, and it is called the conservatory. You must have seen one on your evening drive; they look like see-through living rooms.

A Quick Guide On Conservatory Insulation

But, despite looking magical, as if made from the same stuff that makes up Cinderella’s glass slipper, they have one common fundamental flaw, insulation.

What is insulation?

Insulation is when you use any material to stop heat loss or heat gain. If your conservatory is not already insulated, I will bet you already know where I am going with this. Your conservatory is too hot during summer and too cold during winter due to a lack of insulation or poor insulation; an excellent way to remedy this is to visit this website to have your conservatory checked and properly insulated.

How to insulate your conservatory

If you run out of ideas to keep your conservatory cool, you have not adequately insulated the conservatory’s roof. Of course, it is much easier said (or written) than done. It is laborious, arduous work and best left to the professionals. But if you are still interested, and want to draw inspiration for your conservatory, below are some ways you can insulate your conservatory.

Upgrade your roof

One option to insulate your conservatory against the cold weather is expanding your conservatory glazing bars so you can install a thick layer of polycarbonate.

Fix a new conservatory roof

Sometimes the best way to fix your insulation problem is to have a new roof installed. A new roof allows you to properly insulate your conservatory much better than you would when modifying your old roof.

A Quick Guide On Conservatory Insulation - insulating

Install roof drapings or blinds

The best option if you are trying to save costs is to have blinds or drapes installed. You should consider black or dark shade blinds for the best heat retaining and bouncing effect. While this option is effective, it could ultimately defeat the whole purpose of having a conservatory and could make the space claustrophobic in severe cases.

Install a solar control film

The alternative to using drapes or blinds in your conservatory is the use of solar films. These films are thin sheets directly applied to the conservatory windows that can bounce off excess heat coming in and trap enough heat to keep you warm. Again, it would be best to use quality films, as substandard films would need you to replace them constantly.

Introduce aluminium foil

This is one of the many ideas to keep your conservatory cool, and it involves modifying it by installing aluminium foils. This is a relatively cheaper alternative to completely changing the roof, and the results are pretty similar.

When insulation is done wrongly

While you must insulate your conservatory and only when insulated can it be best enjoyed at optimum temperature, there are still risks to insulation, especially when mishandled. These risks include but are not limited to the following:

Fire safety: The extra materials being added to the roof, if not applied professionally, can add to fire risk, aid its spread and make it more challenging to put out.

Risk of collapse: More timber is added to the roof when it is being insulated. This timber and other materials needed for the insulation dramatically increases the roof’s weight, increasing the chances of collapse.


A conservatory is a nice touch and a welcome development in any home. However, it gives the entire family an outdoor-indoor cosy experience only when it is properly insulated. This necessitates the need to insulate your conservatory and, more importantly, for your well being and your family’s, that it be done by professionals that ensure your family’s safety.

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