How to grow a construction and repair business

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Construction is a very good industry. Pays well, there is always a new project (big or small) and it helps you stay sharp in business and physically. No wonder IBIS World prospects a 1.5% or growth in 2021. With the economy reopening post pandemic, construction will need its best workers ready and on site, this is why you should start thinking of new ways to grow your construction business. If you are in need of a financing boost, you should think of a working capital loan like the ones Camino Financial offers to jump start your operations.

How to grow a construction and repair business

This way, you’ll be ready to get in motion and have a little piece of that construction pie that is worth billions. But before you go off buying new equipment, you should take into account some advice to begin your growth.

Get your business back

A lot changed over the past year so you’ll have to start over some relationships, steer your business in new directions and always remain innovative to the current needs in the industry. Follow these tips to help your business grow again:

1. Surround yourself with the best of the best

Talent is there, you just need to reach out and convince them to join you. Make sure that you build up a team that has the best and most capable people, that knows what they are doing and trust them to do their jobs right. It can be stressful to come back and not control everything but micromanaging will end up breaking you and your team. Set the basis for your dream team and let them do what they do best while you focus on your side of the business.

2. Use technology to your favor

Not only phones have the latest tech, there have been technological advances in construction too and you’ll have to find and learn to use new tools that, in the medium and long run, will help you be better and faster in what you do. Be mindful of state of the art equipment and use that as an added value that will help you get more business.

3. Let people know what you do

The construction business relies on word to mouth advertising, after all is a very show and tell kind of work. But you can give that concept a little boost by making it digital. A well developed web page can help you show your work in detail, automatize quoting and appointments and make your digital print stronger, so the next time someone researches your offer, you’ll be the one they find. Social media also helps in this department and you can even ask your happy customers to leave a recommendation in your pages so future clients have firsthand knowledge of your good work.

How to grow a construction and repair business - working on site

4. Always deliver in time and quality

To get those recommendations we talked about, you’ll need to bring your A game to every site and work fast, secure and with the best quality you can offer. This becomes a sum of a great team, good tools and a reputation build in successes. A happy customer can bring three more, but a bad review can deter a lot more. Treat every project as the Crown Jewel of your company and you’ll be the most requested company in no time.

5. Play to your strengths but remain innovative

Technology is not the only thing that can disrupt your way of working. Always look for a way to best yourself, either with capacitation, a new learned skill and new ways to do the things you are good at. If it’s not broken, break it and make it better. All of this will help you surf the wave of this new construction era but it won’t be easy or cheap. You have to take multiple small steps to reach your goals and then, set new higher ones. A working capital loan can help you with the boost you need to have the latest tools, both physicals and digitals to become the leader in your market. Are you ready to send that message to your possible clients?

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