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According to Car Guide Nation, AGM batteries have widely used the battery in many applications and industrial usages. AGM battery is short form of an absorbent glass mat battery. However, it is one of the advanced lead-acid batteries whose main aim is to provide support to several electrical demands of various types of vehicles and other start-stop applications as well. It is being used for many years now but there are still some people who do not know the importance and features of such battery types.

Group 31 AGM battery

Moreover, in this article, you are going to know about a particular group of AGM battery – Group 31 AGM battery. Thus, read this article to the end in order to grab full information about such useful battery types.

AGM battery – features

There are wide-ranging and types of batteries available in the market today which is used in vehicles like cars, trucks, etc. Some are placed under the seats of different vehicles and some are moving into trunks. On the other hand, if such batteries are not under a cover, possibilities are there that it is not a gel or AGM battery. But the best part about AGM battery is that they are highly resistant to vibration. In addition to this, some other features of this amazing battery are non-spillable, fully sealed, demands less maintenance or are maintenance-free for a longer duration of time.

On the other hand, an absorbent glass mat battery provides higher cycling performance than any other battery type, minimal acid leakage and gassing when compared to the old lead-acid battery. They are made up of rectangular and flat designs. Since it is spill-proof because of its fibers which comprise of mats that do not absorb acidic compositions, thus it is also widely used without any restrictions of the hazardous materials.

In AGM battery a unique composition is used which permits the battery to offer high current and longer battery life. It is also able to survive even in the Low-level temperature or conditions because the technology eliminates the internal resistance to a greater amount. Furthermore, the AGM battery offers great charging speed which is 5X faster than any other flooded cycle batteries.

Common uses and applications of AGM battery

Absorbent glass mat battery came into existence since1980’s. Firstly, it was used for uninterrupted power supply (UPS) and aircraft due to its safety, long-lasting power and weight.

Group 31 AGM battery - Nascar car

But in present, it is used in a number of places such as:

  • powering cars
  • car accessories, like windshield, steering wheels, heat seats, etc
  • since it performs well in cooler temperature – that is why it is used in motor homes, robotic applications, etc
  • racing leagues – NASCAR
  • large audio systems
  • start stop vehicles
  • electronic accessories
  • heated seats and many more

Thus, for all the above-mentioned application if you wish to have an AGM battery then get your battery today from any online or offline local stores as well.

Advantages of AGM battery

There are many other advantages of using this absorbent glass mat battery and some of them are mentioned here in the below section:

  • it offers great mounting flexibility than any other battery
  • it does not take much your crucial time as it is quickly charged
  • extended life cycle
  • capable of handling higher electric loads
  • designed for demanding conditions, harsh climates, etc
  • responsive to loads
  • lesser prone to topping charge
  • it can be used and stored for a longer duration
  • standard charging technique
  • can also be used in as a jump starts, compatible with almost all types and brands of cars, 4WD, camper, caravan, military uses, standby uses, etc.

Group 31 AGM battery - connected batteries

Group 31 AGM battery

The group 31 in batteries is widely popular type of battery from the BCI group size. It offers some of the great features which make them efficient for AGM battery types as well. This group of batteries is comparatively bigger in size and is very powerful in its performance. It offers 20h working capacity in the following range- 75-125 Ah, 150-250 minutes RC, and provides 750-1250 CCA, etc. The features offered by group 31 batteries depend on its designs, chemistry, intended use, etc. The common places where it is used are automotive, marine, off the grid and other similar applications. The weight of such batteries is near 30 pounds- 80pounds in total. This makes such a battery as one of the very popular groups of batteries.

Factors affecting Group 31 AGM battery life

Some factors directly affect the life of AGM batteries. Thus you have to always take care of the battery after buying it. This care will further help you to increase the battery working and its life as well.

Group 31 AGM battery - top performing battery

Let us learn some of the factors affecting your Group 31 AGM battery:

  • Climate and weather conditions

In cooler temperatures, the batteries deliver slow performance, even less than the expectation. On the other hand, the hot temperature discharges the batteries very fast. Thus in both the hot and cold condition, the life expectancy of a battery may decrease.

Tip- in order to avoid this situation makes sure you are keeping your batteries away from the places where there is direct exposure to cold and hot temperature.

  • Sulfation

It is one of the most notorious factors affecting the batteries functioning adversely in which buildups of sulfates are accumulated in batteries plate. Sulfation can lead to the death of any type of batteries. Moreover, it is a condition that restricts the plates of the batteries to hold a charge.

Tip- one must always try to keep their battery clean and maintain them well all the time

  • When the battery is fully discharged

It is very hard to recover the working of AGM battery when they are completely discharged or drained.

Tip- one must always stay informed about the battery life of the AGM battery and keeps a check o the battery level.

Follow all the mentioned tips for the safety of AGM batteries. This way, the life of the Group 31 AGM battery life battery will increase up to 7-8 years more.

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