How to grill like a professional

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Everyone who loves cooking wonders how to grill like a professional. The main factor behind becoming a pro griller is practice. You must practice a lot to master grilling. Great chefs grill a hundred steaks every week.  Some are cooked on a high flame, some on medium, and some on low. When you practice something at that frequency, you easily acquire and master that skill.

How to grill like a professional

Apart from practice, you can also use some techniques that will enhance your grilling skills. But first, you must decide on your grilling medium.

Gas vs. Charcoal

Using gas and charcoal will give you two completely different experiences. Using gas is very much like cooking on a gas stove inside the house. Gas grills are easy and fast. Those work perfectly for items that do not need much heat. If you are in a hurry, you should opt for grilling on gas. But gas grills will not give you the smoky burnt flavor of charcoal grills.

Using a charcoal grill may take more time and effort. Starting the fire and heating the grill takes time, but you can easily control its heat once the grill is ready. If you need more heat, just add coal, and if you’re going to reduce the heat, remove some coal. Not every dish requires that high heat, but the smoky flavor makes your effort worth it. If you are using charcoal, see to it that you are using real charcoal. You can easily get the best lump charcoal from the market for an affordable price.

Tips to grill like a professional

These tips will be useful to you if you’re a beginner. Whether you are using a gas grill or a charcoal grill, these tips will help.

Keep your grill clean

Nothing can be worse than a messy grill. Most of us leave our grills dirty and go to the dining area. As a result, when we open the grill next time, we find our grill racks filled with barbecue sauce and grease. When you grill again on the same grill, this grease stuck on the side can even catch fire. That is why you should always keep your grill clean. Moreover, cleaning a grill is easier when it is hot. So, get your cleaning brush and clean your grill before you start your meal.

Heat the grill well

Most of us do not heat the grill well and start using it. Thus, we end up with sticky food. So always give the grill enough time to heat. This is important for charcoal grills, as they take more time to get heated. If you rush and start grilling your steaks or burgers, you will not be happy with the result. Plus, heating the grill properly will give you grill marks. When your grill is hot enough, you can put several burgers on it. But whenever you are adding ingredients, it will soak some of its heat. So, give it enough time to re-heat itself.

Use grill zones

Heating the griller and cooking the meat or vegetable until it’s done is an old method. Now, most chefs suggest using grilling zones. You need to divide the grill into two sides. One side will be very hot for direct heating, and the other side will be mildly hot for indirect heating. You can use both zones according to your needs. For example, you can cook your steak on direct heat first, and then, when it is almost done, put it on the light side and cook on low heat.

How to grill like a professional - Texas stake

Keep your ingredients ready

Grilling usually takes time, so it’s better that you prepare your seasoning and flavorings ingredients beforehand. The spices and herbs you will use in your food must be at room temperature before you put them on the grill. If you are marinating the meat, always take it out from the refrigerator two hours before grilling and keep it at room temperature. Once the grill is hot enough, you should add all your ingredients and start grilling.

Greasing the grill well

Greasing your grill well is an important step, otherwise the skin of your meat will get stuck to the grill. So, when your grill is clean and well-greased, you will have a smooth grilling experience.

Don’t put too many items

You must not crowd your griller with too much food. This will create a mess and none of your food items will be well-cooked. The more food you add, the more heat they will absorb. This will also slow down the overall grilling process.


So, these are some of the tips that will make you a pro at grilling. Cooking is an art, and you must be patient and keep practicing to attain perfection.

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