5 Great Gadgets to Upgrade Your House

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Many of us have never spent as much time at home in our entire life as we have spent in 2020. The year has changed the way we used to perceive our life. However, the biggest change has probably taken place in the way most of us used to work. A large number of employers across the globe have decided to make employees work from their homes. That’s the new normal and the change is most likely here to stay.

5 Great Gadgets to Upgrade Your House

As we are getting to spend more time at home, we can utilize the opportunity to upgrade our homes. The best way of upgrading a home in the current era would be by installing smart home gadgets i.e. gadgets operated by the Internet of Things or IoT.

While IoT devices can improve our way of living significantly, they also demand a certain level of care from us. For instance, if you want your IoT units to work effectively and securely, you must opt for reputable brands and keep the security settings robust by installing a VPN. By using this tool, you will enable a network that’s offering extra security features and encryption measures that will keep your data protected.

The section below talks about some smart gadgets you can use to upgrade your house.

Home Hub

Some smart home devices need a hub to function. So, you should begin the installation of smart devices in your home by getting a home hub. Make sure the product you are buying is the latest model launched by the company. This is essential for ensuring that the unit is compatible with the most recently launched smart gadgets. Some of the most common smart home devices controlled by the hub include smart locks, cameras, bulbs, etc. The manufacturing company of the smart hub will most likely launch its own collection of add-on products for extending your smart home experiences even further. Examples of such products include motion sensors for cameras and lights, smart plugs, etc.

Smart Speaker 

Almost all top tech manufacturing companies have launched one or more models of smart speakers. You can make these speakers work with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. The smart speaker you purchase must come equipped with a powerful woofer and tiny but impactful tweeters. This combination is crucial for generating great audio performance.

Try to make sure the speaker you get has multiple microphones. This will allow it to take voice commands without any hindrance. If it’s a quality unit, it should be able to pick up commands even if the person uttering the words is 30 ft away. High-quality smart speakers should also take commands seamlessly even if the room is extremely noisy.

Your smart speaker will play the roles of your virtual assistant, knowledge hub, music player, and more. You can use it to make schedules, set reminders and alarms, and manage your meetings. You can get your queries answered just in seconds and play whatever track you want. The device can also be used to switch on and switch off lights and appliances in your home.

Smart Light Bulbs 

Smart light bulbs will allow you to control the lights in your home using your phone. With these units installed in your rooms, you will not need to get up from your couch to turn a lamp on or off in the middle of a movie. What’s more, you will also be able to control the lights from a remote location.

Smart lighting will allow you to turn on and off the lights in your home just with a few taps on your phone using Blue-Tooth, Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, or wireless radio. You can even adjust the lighting according to your needs. For example, if you are having a cozy get-together with a small group of friends, you can dim the smart bulbs slightly. If the bulbs installed by you are colored, you will also have the option of adjusting their color.

5 Great Gadgets to Upgrade Your House - smart lock

Smart Locks 

These are the first things you must get after getting a smart hub. That’s because smart locks will bring an end to all kinds of security issues in your home. With these units installed at every door, you can keep burglars at bay. There are several benefits of using smart locks. With one of these units installed in your home’s main door, you will no longer need to keep fussing over keys. If anyone other than you want to open the lock, you can provide them with their personal passcodes. This means you will know whenever someone opens or closes the lock.

Smart Plugs  

These smart gadgets should be positioned between an ordinary electrical outlet and a device plugged in by you. To put it more bluntly, if you have a smart plug, you can plug your TV or coffeemaker into it instead of the wall socket. You can use smart plugs to manage the run-time of various appliances, restrict your kid’s screen time, switch off the heater, fan, electric blanket, etc. in the middle of the night without waking up.


With these smart gadgets installed in your home, you will see your known spaces turn more functional. There will also be a notable decrease in your energy bills; not a bad thing to achieve during the lockdown.

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