Granberg Chainsaw Mill G777 is perfect for the homeowner, woodworker or carpenter who owns a chainsaw with a 20″ bar or shorter. It’s compact, lightweight and easy to use. There is no need for bar drilling, just attach it to your saw. This mill is the most economical way to efficiently turn your logs into lumber with the power of a chainsaw.
Granberg Chainsaw Mill G777

Granberg Chainsaw Mill G777 is basically an Alaskan sawmill which can cut almost any size board or beam imaginable, and to any to almost any length! Nearly all timber is accessible to these sawmills, because they are very light and portable. Tabletops and burls are also very easy to cut with these mill, leaving the natural edge on your slab. With this Granberg chainsaw mill you can cut from softwoods to even extremely dense wood. You will need a chainsaw, a ripping chain and some safety clothing and you are ready for milling.

Granberg Chainsaw Mill G777 is compact with lightweight design and bolts directly to the chain saw’s bar without any drilling required. This high-quality mill cuts beams or lumber from 1/2 inch to 13 inch thick and 17 inch wide. It attaches to saw without drilling bar and it is designed to fit chain saws with 20 inch or less bars. You can check Granberg Chainsaw Mill in action in the video below.

If you use use the quality ripping chain you will be able to cut quickly and smoothly. Be sure to use gentle pressure and you will be able to get smooth finishes on your boards. You can use two 2×4 for the rails but you will get the best results with Granberg slabbing rails. With a good sturdy chainsaw you will mill high quality boards in no time.

If you think that you can’t buy quality lumber anymore or if you already have some logs in your backyard, then the Granberg Chainsaw Mill G777 is the thing for you. You will know where your boards come from and your woodworking project will give you even more pleasure than before.