5 Awesome Things You Can Do With a Glass Engraving Machine

Laser engraving machines used to be reserved for specialty companies that did design work. Now with technological advances, these amazing machines are affordable for all of us. Whether you want to make cool, personalized gifts, start a small business selling unique goods, or just want to have a machine to mess around with, the possibilities for glass engraving are endless.

5 Awesome Things You Can Do With a Glass Engraving Machine

Read on for some of the coolest glass laser engraving projects, and get inspired.

Wine and Pint Glasses

This is one of the most common projects that a glass engraving machine is used for, but it doesn’t make it any less cool. Engraved wine glasses make great wedding or anniversary gifts. You can go simple with names or initials, or incorporate unique designs. Engraved pint glasses make great gifts for the beer lovers in your life. They also are a great marketing tool. Whether you own a bar, a brewery, or simply want to get your name out there, custom pint glasses will always peak the interest of potential customers.

Shadow Boxes

Shadow boxes are a fun way to showcase your collection of small items. Whether it’s bottle caps, rare coins, or small rocks, if you’re putting time into collecting it you should put time into making it look good as well. A laser engraver can add cool designs to the front of the shadow box, and you can make it unique to whatever the collection is.

Kitchen Storage Jars

Everyone loves storing things for the kitchen in mason jars. But what’s even cooler than a mason jar full of spices? A mason jar full of spices that is custom labeled. Whether you want to engrave the name of whatever is stored in it, label it with a cool picture, or just personalize the jars with your name, custom mason jars will make your kitchen storage pop.

Shot Glasses

Along the same lines as wine glasses and pint glasses, a custom shot glass is a cool project with a lot of useful outcomes. Custom shot glasses are a favorite souvenir for people visiting a new place. If you own a bar or a gift store, or even a market in a unique area, making custom shot glasses is a great way to make some extra money. Shot glasses are always great gifts for birthdays, weddings, or company outings as well.

5 Awesome Things You Can Do With a Glass Engraving Machine - bottle


With all this unique glassware you’re giving out, you need something fun to set them on. Glass coasters can be customized using a glass engraving machine and can even be customized alongside pint glasses and shot glasses to make an entire set.

More Creative Ideas Beyond Glass Engraving

Now that you have some of the coolest glass engraving projects to start working on, you might be looking for other fun projects. Handyman Tips has everything you need to stay busy around the house, from creative projects to DIY repairs. Keep reading more of our tips and make the home of your dreams.

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