Tips for getting rid of termites

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Tips for getting rid of termites

Termites are very small insects but they are rather terrible and they can be detrimental to have around. Termites love wood for their food and shelter. As such, they do cause a lot of damage to the wooden items that are in the home. You need to watch out for the termites if you have to keep your furniture and other wooden items safe. There are many damages that termites can cause your items. They can also cause injuries of some sort. If they spoil a chair and one sits on it, you can imagine the fall the person would experience! Termite infestation can be a very difficult thing for you to control. However, you can rely on the Termite Guys Brisbane to help you deal with this menace. Here are few tips to getting rid of termites:

Calling an exterminator

Sometimes the issue of termites could be too big for you. You may not know where to start with this problem. As such, you may need to call the experts to come and sort out the problem for you. When you hire a professional termite control team, you are assured of the best results. These professionals can use a number of things to bring the termites into control. They can use the right repellents, termiticides and so on.

You can create traps

It is also possible for you to create a trap for the termites and kill them. This will be time-consuming and may not necessarily get rid of the problem completely. To make the traps, all you need are pieces of paper and cardboard. You should then make these wet and place them in areas where the termites are. After a day or two, you will find termites on the papers and the cardboard. You can then carry them out and kill them. You can repeat this for some time.

Tips for getting rid of termites - termite damage

Use of nematodes

You can use nematodes as a way of controlling the termites. These are like a bacterial infection is for humans. When spraying, the nematodes will release bacteria that are harmful to the termites. The good thing with this method is that it can infect the entire colony and this will get rid of the problem. Another good thing with nematodes is that it will counteract termites and all other insects in your house. As such, your house will be bug-free.

Boric acid

This is another very good DIY solution to termites. All you need to do is mix the powdery boric acid with propylene glycol and create a solution. Pour this solution into any damaged furniture and nests where termites are found. This solution will kill the termites and help you sort out this problem. To avoid skin irritations, you should wear gloves and ensure that your skin does not come into contact with the solution.


Other than all the other countless uses, vinegar can also be a good measure to control termites. You need to mix half a cup of vinegar with lemon juice. Two fresh lemons can be squeezed to provide the necessary juice. You should then spray this mixture alongside all the areas where termites are found. You will be sure to kill them all.

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