How to get started in real estate business

The presence of many successful realtors in every city is the proof that selling real estate is a viable profession that has a potential to offer you not just a decent living but also enough freedom and time to spend with your family and pursue your other interests. It is no accident that many realtors find it a very rewarding career. Helping people sell and buy properties may sound simple but there is a lot that goes into making a successful real estate agent. Real estate is a very rewarding career, and many realtors find it to be their passion. It can be a very exciting industry, with so much opportunity for personal growth. Many beginner investors would choose real estate wholesaling to gain experience before acquiring homes and find the perfect home or property, and sell or buy it as they see fit.
How to get started in real estate business

In this article we compiled a simple guide  to get you started in real estate business.

Talk to a person in the industry

Many people who aspire to be realtors often have no idea what the job of a real estate agent entails. They jump in blindly only to realize that it is not meant for them after spending a lot of time and money. That is why it is important that the first step you should take when getting started in the real estate business is to talk to a person who has experience in the industry such as a broker, manager or agent. From talking to such people you will get a rough idea of what real estate agents actually do and decide whether it is a job that you are suited for.

Take Real Estate Association Courses

Once you have made up your mind about becoming a realtor, the next step is to take real estate courses offered by many Real Estate Association across the country. The curriculum usually has three phases.

Phase 1

This phase is an introduction to the basic things that a real estate agent needs to know such as basic mathematics. It takes a month and then you are given another month to prepare for exams. The course and the exam cost around 400$ but if you fail the exam you will have to pay an extra 50$ for a rewrite. Failing the exam twice forces you to retake the whole course and pay the fee all over again.

Phase 2

The second phase deals majorly with details of construction of houses. At a cost of around 450$ the course will run for two months and then you will have an extra month to prepare for exams.

Phase 3

Once you have passed exams of the second phase you proceed to the third phase where you choose whether to take a commercial or residential course. At a cost of around 650$, the course runs for two months and you are given a month to prepare for the final exam. After passing this exam you can now make an application for your real estate license.

Start working

Once you have your real estate license you are now a fully qualified realtor and can work for any real estate company. Real estate agents are on high demand all the time so you won’t have trouble finding a company to take you in as their agent. You can work as a freelancer or start your own company but we suggest that you spend at least a year as agent in some company. That way you’ll learn the tricks of the trade which you can implement in your own company.


Selling real estate is a fairly lucrative career thanks to the high demand for realtors in every city. Moreover, as this guide shows, it takes a relatively short time to become one. If you feel it is something you can do well don’t hesitate to start the process of becoming a realtor described in this guide. You can also take a look around the web to see how the “we buy houses” work as a start. We wish you a long and successful career as a real estate agent.

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