Do Garden Rooms Add Value To A Home?

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When considering adding a garden room to your home, it is good to consider the effect this will have on the value of a property. Whether this is a forever home or not, the value of the property will be important and any changes made to the property that are somewhat permanent will have an impact on this. SInce garden rooms have grown in popularity over the last few years, this question has become a commonly asked question to both garden room designers and real estate professionals.

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The demand for garden rooms

There’s been a great surge of demand for garden rooms over the last decade. Garden rooms have become an incredibly popular addition to homes for a whole range of reasons. Families and professionals used these designs as a way to create some extra space, a room away from the main house which can have many purposes. Including use as an office, gym, children’s play room, art studio, games room, pool room and more. As the trend emerged within the home and garden industry, designers and homeowners were quick to enquire, leading to a huge rise in the number of garden designers and builders starting their own garden room businesses. Since a garden room is such a desired addition to a home, this has certainly helped homeowners when it comes to adding value to their property. The use of garden rooms has become something those in the industry expect to see remain well into the future.

Adding the ‘wow’ factor to a home

Garden rooms certainly have the capability to offer practical, additional space, but they also simply add an element of ‘wow’ factor to any garden. Beautifully designed, made of quality materials and can be adapted to suit any taste, a garden room will truly impress any potential buyer or investor. This added extra is sure to help a house stand out on the market and provides a unique feature neighbouring properties may not have.

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The costs of building a garden room

It is important to bear in mind that the costs of building a garden room do make a difference. Depending on the materials used to build, how big the garden room is, and additional extras, the price to build a garden room can reach into the hundreds of thousands. Obviously for homeowners this has to be considered a worthwhile investment, aside from the simple practical solutions a garden room offers.

Value added from a garden room

Although one figure is near impossible to provide, there has been some research undertaken by estate agents and market experts into how much value garden rooms can add. Some have estimated the value of the property could be increased by around 5% – 15% depending on the design and quality of the garden room. This is fantastic news for garden room owners and property owners considering designing their very own garden room in the near future.

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