5 Most Familiar Garage Door Problems And Solutions

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For garage doors that sometimes open and sometimes not, there is a simple solution, a dying battery, whether in your remote, actual opener or external opener.

5 Most Familiar Garage Door Problems And Solutions

Solution: The batteries must be replaced, and the best place to start is with your remote, the easiest and most cost-effective option and the most likely malefactor. If that’s not the problem, move on to the external opener followed by your actual opener.

2. A Door Which Is Off The Tracks

Whether the tracks are not aligned, the brackets or bracket bolts are loosened, this can become a severe problem and a door coming off its tracks can become dangerous.

Solution: When the door is still operating, but you are noticing a misalignment in your tracks, then you can:

  • Loosen the bolts slightly and align the tracks to the frame yourself. A rubber mallet is used for bumping the tracks to align. Make sure your bolts are secured.
  • If your door refuses to move and has fallen out of alignment, then a professional must be notified immediately. If you looking for a garage door repair company, make sure you find a reliable one as timely as possible to resolve the issue and don’t attempt to fix it yourself. This issue can lead to severe personal injury and/or additional damages.

3. Loud Thudding Noise When Opening Or Closing

Irrespective if you have a torsion spring or extension spring system, a thudding noise could be the cause of either defective lifting cables or broken springs, and this can be extremely hazardous.

Solution: Always have an experienced technician attend to the repairs and avoid doing it yourself.

5 Most Familiar Garage Door Problems And Solutions - broken garage door

4. Doors Opening But Refusing To Close

Since 1993 it has become a legal requirement for all garage doors to be equipped with a photoelectric backup system. The two sensors are transmitting an invisible beam between them to detect anything in the path that prevents the door from closing. The sensors can become misaligned with time or become dirty, which results in your door, not closing.

Solution: The sensors can be thoroughly cleaned or re-aligned. If you’re struggling, contact a garage door company to assist.

5. The Safety Reversal System Is Malfunctioning Or Not Working Adequately

The compulsory safety reversal system may cause the doors to inevitably reverse when coming into contact with obstruction of some kind.

Solution: It is essential to do monthly checks as a precaution on the reversal system to ensure it is in good working order. A piece of wood can be placed where the garage doors are touching the ground and where the door is closing. If the doors retract when coming in to contact with the piece of wood, you know the sensors are working effectively. If you’ve done the test, and you’ve noticed that the sensors are not working as they should, a technician must be called immediately.


When it comes to garage doors, safety must be the number one priority. With the common issues mentioned above a serious risk of bodily harm and far-reaching damage to your garage door system is a high possibility, therefore they need to be addressed quickly and efficiently. If you find many of these problems at the same then the best solution would be simple to replace your garage door.

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