5 Tips for Furniture Removal in the winters

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When winter knocks in, you know that junk removal and furniture removal becomes a little more challenging. But we say hard and not impossible. That’s why we’ve crafted a few tips that can help you out.

5 Tips for Furniture Removal in the winters

We shared the following five tips that can play an essential role in furniture removal during the winters:

Be Flexible but Stick to the Side of Caution

While it can get frustrating and tiresome to handle home remodeling and removal projects during the winter, this doesn’t stop it from being possible. You can do it well if you plan and set a flexible mood for the project. The reality is that winter weather only increases the number of complications that are present during furniture removal. Most furniture removal companies don’t like to operate during the winter season. And they might even have higher charges for you when you insist on carrying on with the project. But nobody can control the weather. Therefore, you have no other option than to lend a listening ear to their concerns.

For instance, if the roads are very icy, it would be wise to delay the furniture removal until it clears up. There’s no point risking people’s lives when you can always postpone. After all, furniture removal is not a life-threatening emergency that needs immediate handling. Just don’t procrastinate too much.

Have the Bare Essentials for Winter Furniture Removal

It’s pointless to think of a furniture removal project during the winter season without factoring in the job’s right equipment. And we’re not just talking about the right gear for you to wear, but also the right tools. When handling a project with the magnitude of furniture removal, then you have to prepare adequately. For starters, ensure that you have a dumpster with you if you’re handling the project solo. Dumpsters range in different sizes, and it would help to consult the rental company on which size to pick. Come out clearly about the size of the furniture removal project and what you need to place inside the dumpster.

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The dumpster rental company will then give you the right size of dumpster. The problem with picking a small dumpster compared to your project is overfilling. This is illegal and can even attract penalties and fees. Another thing that you probably will need is a storage container. When you’re handling a furniture removal project, many everyday household items might get in your way. You need to secure them in the right place or otherwise risk damages. Make sure that you get some sort of storage container that can hold everything you want to secure in your house.

Double Pack Fragile Items

When dealing with fragile items, you want to make sure that they’re really safe. Many fragile items become even more brittle during cold weather – like it is in the winters. And that’s why you have to double pack them, to ensure that they aren’t exposed to any possible damages. You don’t want to complete the furniture removal project but end up losing most of your stuff to breakages. And you can prevent such from happening quite easily. You can segregate the fragile items on the issue of storage and put them inside a separate container. This is because mixing them up with other bulky stuff could cause damage. On the list of fragile items, utensils and electronics lead the way. You can also add any other essential but delicate element inside one container.

Clear the Sidewalks and Driveways

In case you’re hiring a furniture removal company to give you a hand, you need to create a way for them when they come. And part of doing so is clearing the sidewalks and driveways before their arrival. Carrying a heavy couch down an icy sidewalk is dreading. The workers might slip and hurt themselves really badly. To avoid such from happening, you’d rather just clean the sidewalks and driveways before they come over to your place. You can argue that furniture removal companies have insurance and take full responsibility for their workers’ injuries. But then, are you just going to facilitate their injuries even if you know well how to prevent them? Salt and shovel, or even snow blow parts that the movers will use when they come to your place.

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Take Care of Your Pets

Pets can get in the way of furniture removal quite easily. And that’s why you need to take care of them as soon as you can. Ensure that they are in a safe place – possibly the neighbor’s house or a friend’s house. When they come in between a furniture removal project and you, or the workers, they may get injuries and equally create a distraction. And you don’t want such confusion when handling large projects like these.

Final Thoughts

So, folks, that’s how you handle a furniture removal project in the winters. We hope that these tips will help you have a successful project even through the cold season.

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