Furnace repair tips

Your furnace is what will keep you warm during cold winter nights. Many of today’s modern homes and businesses have a stand-alone furnace or an HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system. Regardless of the type of furnace you have, it is essential that care be taken to make sure it functions correctly. Having your furnace checked out before the winter months set in will not only extend its life but help the unit to work more effectively and help avoid unexpected and costly repairs. You need to consult reputable experts like Swan Heating & Air Conditioning, and learn how to keep your furnace running effectively regardless of the time of year.

Furnace repair tips

All furnace systems start with a thermostat. This unit starts or stops the furnace and controls the building’s temperature. Sometimes, if there is difficulty turning the furnace off or on, it is the thermostat that needs to be replaced.A furnace system is designed to slowly build up the heat until reaching a certain temperature. When this temperature is reached, a sensing switch comes into play and signals the blower to send out the warm air. It is this switch that can interrupt the unit’s starting or stopping and often needs immediate replacement. If the furnace does not heat up properly, or never heats up, this can mean an igniter problem or a damaged gas fitting or gas line. The problem can also involve a faulty ignition unit.

Not all furnaces are the same. A gas burning model, for example, can have metering problems. Electric ones can stop working when an element breaks. Other common furnace problems are not heating, or not heating enough, a continuously running blower, pilot going off, ignition problems, frequent cycling, noisy furnace or other complications. Repairing these problems calls for the services of a professional. Bare in mind that the company needs to have personnel especially trained regarding furnaces and that it can quickly determine what the problem is.

Furnace repair tips - broken furnace

When a furnace quits working correctly, naturally you want to have it repaired as soon as possible. Among other things, a draft inducer or some of the control switches, that remove exhaust gases and control the air that is circulated, can stop working. A weak air, or too cool an air flow, can indicate a problem with the air filters or a fan. Having no heat in the middle of a cold spell is a situation that cannot be tolerated.

Gas burning furnaces often have problems with the flue or exhaust becoming clogged, which prevents the intake of oxygen. This results in creosote and tar which can build up and become dangerous. This is not a do-it-yourself project. It requires the immediate attention of experts like Fort Collins furnace repair who have special experience, tools and materials to completely remove tar and creosote.

Repairs, installation or maintenance of a gas or electric furnace should only be done by a professional who can not only make repairs but determine if any parts need to be replaced. It is always a good idea to have your furnace serviced, checked out and repaired before colder weather sets in.

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  1. Is this video showing a dirty flame sensor?
    If not, then what is the problem?

    Extra credit point by noticing the condensation leak at the flue motor gasket!

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