Furnace and AC Repair Georgetown KY – Fixing Georgetown AC Repair Issues

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Some of the most common causes for an AC or air conditioner failing to work include faulty power cables, dysfunctional thermostat, perhaps even the parts may be old, rusty or faulty. Click here to read more about this. It could be a variety of different things but the good news is, you can get it fixed.

Furnace and AC Repair Georgetown KY

There are a few things that can be done by a professional to make sure it starts working properly again, as opposed to trying to fix it yourself. We will look at a few of these solutions below. But first, how can you tell if it is beyond being fixed and needs to be replaced?

3 Signs The Unit May Need to Be Replaced

A build-up of dust in your home

When you get a new unit installed in your home, the air feels fresher and cleaner. However, over time, due to the exchange of air coming from outside and the being swapped with the air on the inside, this replaced air can cause a build-up of dust in your home. When you start to notice dust particles settled on your furniture more so now than before, or debris and dander build up accumulating on walls and corners of your home, there is a possibility that the air conditioner is not running properly. You could also feel the difference when the humidity levels are no longer low and the air is no longer cooler, this means there is an obstruction in the air vents or the filters of the AC.

A sudden surge of noise

When you start hearing noises coming out of your unit, it may be starting to get old or affected by environmental stressors. Any unit AC system you buy from the stores should be relatively quiet, for at least a few years. But when you start hearing strange noises coming out of it such as grinding or squealing sounds, it may need to be replaced or something inside of it may need to be swapped out.

Furnace and AC Repair Georgetown KY - noise

When you get a funny smell

Another issue with these systems when overworked can be a foul smell coming out of them, no one wants this and it can be an indication that the lifespan of the unit is near its end. This is a serious issue that should be resolved immediately, as it can be a health hazard and affect you or your family and children in adverse ways, affecting their respiratory system over time. The funny smells could be a result of anything from mold build up inside the fans or wires melting, which could also be a hazard to the unit itself. According to the consumer report on similar systems, it has been researched that air conditioning systems can make you sick over time, without you knowing.

Furnace and AC Repair Georgetown KY - smell

The scientist study in these reports states that you can get a respiratory infection from it: https://www.consumerreports.org/indoor-air-quality/could-your-air-conditioner-be-making-you-sick/#, as such, it is important to be aware of such things and get them fixed or replaced immediately. Lastly, if your unit has been around for a very long time, i.e. over 10 years, it is a good idea to get it replaced.

How To Fix a Faulty Air Conditioning Unit

Fixing one of these is not a one-man job and if you, as the homeowner tries to repair anything that you are unsure of, it may make things worse. Hiring professional companies or individuals from online sources such as warehvac.com is the recommended route to take, as it will save you a lot of time and out of pocket costs.

Furnace and AC Repair Georgetown KY - furnace

Instead, when you hire a specialist, they know how to do it, when to do it and using the right tools. Plus they can find a permanent solution for it. There are a few steps involved, we list them below:

  • They first check the furnace to make sure that isn’t the issue and check the thermostat that is connected to it. They do this by lowering the temperature setting and if the fan kicks in, then it isn’t the furnace
  • Secondly, they turn off the power in the house, so it is best to call them on site on a day when you could do without electricity for a few hours.
  • They then check the inside thoroughly including all the moving and non-moving parts.
  • They could also do a clean-up for you of the vents and filters, and replace the cooling liquid for you if it is included in the service.
  • If needed they will let you know if they need to buy new parts to replace the old ones.

It may seem like a simple solution but there is more than meets the eye.

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